Fat (video) Tuesday – ¡Fat Bike!

One of our favorite videographers that we’ve featured on F(v)T is back with a short clip simply entitled Fat Bike! It’s not the length of the clip that should really matter, but rather the amount of fun that Deo’s videos exude. That’s probably a fairly universal statement about everything to do with fat bikes. In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter how fast or how far you ride. I think that having fun is way more important than what mainstream cycling culture promotes (speed and duration). It’s hard to measure fun but you know it when you feel it….and I feel it every time that I ride a fat bike! Deo put Prince Edward Island on the map for me and opened my eyes to the fat bike paradise of the Atlantic East Coast of Canada. That’s just one of the fringe benefits that I get working here at fat dash bike dot com. Thanks for sharing the FUN!

Would you share your Plus or Fat Pixels?

Give us your tired, your poor, Your huddled pixels, yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming hard drive. Send your pics and videos to uncle gomez@fat-bike.com and if you include your mailing address, we’ll send you some stickers. Even if you live in a far away, distant fat-bike paradise.

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