Global Fat Bike Day – December Third Two Thousand and Twenty–Two (or thereabouts) – Worldwide!

GFBD 2022 Celebrations!

December Third Two Thousand and TwentyTwo (or thereabouts)

GLOBAL FAT-BIKE DAY! You are all part of the FUN! Gather your regional fat-tribe for some worldwide group fun. The event is a grassroots, community-based dealio. Just, one of the best times, you have ever had on a fat-bike! GFBD belongs to everyone that has a fat-bike and wants to celebrate! Everyone is invited to get together and join in the fun!

On December 3rd (or thereabouts), 2022, people from all over the globe, will get out for a ride on their fat-bikes!  They’ll go for a solo cruise or maybe make plans to gather their fat-bike amigos, for a group ride! Don’t forget your camera, because part of the Global Fat-Bike Day celebration will include sharing your experience, through photos and video! Use the hashtag #GFBD2022. The world fat-bike community is ready to learn more about this year’s GFBD so regional ride organizers, please share your plans for the event! Drop us a note at We’ll post links to regional GFBD rides leading up to the date of the event.

Wishing you all a safe and fun Global Fat-Bike Day!

Here are some GFBD Banners that you’re all welcome to download and customize for your celebration! Use one of ours or create one of your own! We love to see all of the worldwide fat bike fun that #gfbd2022 creates!

The banners (above) feature a photo that shows an old Rohloff’d Pugsley laying on a layer of beach slime. The original (upper left corner) always reminded me of the earth’s crust from space. We love to see all of the original GFBD art that you guys come up with too, so please share your banner and we’ll put a gallery together to commemorate this year’s Global Fat Bike Fun!

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