The Fat Bike Triple Crown Sponsored by Wren

Fat Bike Race Season is heating up with the Fat-Bike Triple Crown sponsored by Wren!

Wisconsin seems like the center of the fat bike racing galaxy, because the Fat Bike World Championships, the Fat Bike Birkie, along with with the US Fat Bike Open are all in America’s Dairyland. Wisconsin is hosting all three of these fine fat bike races and we’ve decided to call this triumvirate the Fat-Bike Triple Crown sponsored by Wren!

Since we’ve decided to elevate Fat Bike Worlds, Fat Bike Birkie, and the US Fat Bike Open to “Triple-Crown” status, we might as well, put up some prize money for the person that wins all three. Wren Sports has stepped up to the plate and is offering $1000 US dollars in prize money to the winner of all three of the 2023 versions of the Triple Crown! The prize money would get split evenly between the men’s and women’s divisions if there ends up being two triple crown winners. If there is one winner, that person will win the full amount. To qualify for the Triple Crown prize money, racers must win the overall title of the longest distance offered in all three races. We’ll be sure to make one of those giant-size checks and host an award ceremony for the winner!

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