Fatbike to the cottage

Some of you may have seen a few of my previous trips to this little cottage in the heart of Snowdonia in Wales before. I had intended on using it again for last weekend’s Global Fat Bike Day but unfortunately, it was already booked so I got to have it for the following weekend. Luckily for me, the Welsh winter made an appearance for the duration of the stay.

It was to be an 18-mile ride from the front door and before I knew it I was up on the hills of northern Snowdonia.

Snow showers came by during the 4-hour ride in. I was kept warm by having my https://fat-bike.com/2022/12/gore-c5-kit/ Gore C5 Thermo Jacket which was a great test for it.

The last hour was in the dark and after getting to the cottage it was time to chill,,,,

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