Ridge Merino – Hyde Merino Wool Pants

It’s going to sound crazy, but it’s really more like a no-brainer. This new pair of merino wool sweatpants have changed my life! I totally love wearing this pair of Men’s Hyde Merino Joggers from Ridge Merino. It’s like a merino wool jersey for my butt! I don’t know if these are going to be a favorite pair of pants for just lounging around the house or if they’re going to become my favorite ride pants but I’m pretty well convinced that they’re well on their way to becoming both. (I may need another pair!)

These are great for wearing over a pair of winter tights for temps between 25-39 F. We’ve been having a lot of days that hover just above freezing with wet and generally Belgian conditions. It’s been a bit too warm for tights and snow-pants, but too cold for just tights. I’ve had a pair of Patagonia R1 Fleece pants that had been my go-to thirty-something-degree pants, but they’re finally wearing out. So I purchased this pair of pants to replace the R1s. These Merino pants from Ridge are definitely a step up in comfort and odor control. The only thing that I worry about is getting into a patch of burrs. One of the trails that I ride has a ton of that little bastards. I don’t want my favorite pair of pants all full of burrs!

I realized that I had serious man-crush on these pants when I was having an argument in my head about whether I should wear them on a potentially muddy bike ride or save them for hanging out for the evening. (I really should order another pair) I’ve seen scads of Merino wool long underwear, but this is the first winter shopping season where I spied Merino Wool Men’s pantalones with zippered pockets. As I said, Merino wool sweat pants – it’s a no-brainer. These are the pants that you’ll want to live in this winter. Hell…I want to be buried in these pants. The Super-soft 18.5M 100% Merino Wool Terry fabric feels soft and great against the skin and the fit runs true to size. These are simply the best pair of Men’s Yoga Pants that I’ve ever worn. (put that in your pipe and smoke it) I can see these babies working well as a mid-layer under snow pants in colder winter temps. They go through the laundry the same way as any merino wool jersey. I always hang dry all of my wool clothing.

The best thing about these pants is their versatility. They’d be a great layer for winter bikepacking and they’d be just as comfortable sitting around the tree opening gifts on x-mas morning. Warm fuzzy Merino Wool pantalones with pockets should be in every fat biker’s future. These will run you about $120 but I think they’re worth it!

More info about the pants that’ll probably change your life – https://www.ridgemerino.com/products/mens-hyde-jogger/

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