Wallpaper Wednesday – Rock River Delta Bridge Club

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¡ Feliz Año Nuevo! Here’s a little slice of homemade apple pie from south-central Wisconsin. The sky just lit up at sunset on the solstice, so I thought that I’d share a little glimpse of life behind the cheese curtain. It’s the first Wallpaper Wednesday of 2023 and this week’s photo is from ~gomez~

I live on top of a drumlin nestled on the eastern shoulder of the Rock River Valley near its confluence with the Crawfish River. It’s rural-AF. So that means living with a broad spectrum of varmints, ungulates, wild and domestic avian species of all religions, and twenty thousand registered Holstein professional dairy cows. There’s also an impressive network of multi-use bicycle-friendly infrastructure. I’m less than a mile from the crossroads of the Glacial River Trail and the Glacial Drumlin Trail. The GDT or as Kitteh calls it ‘the gremlin’ crosses both of the aforementioned rivers going west. When I moved here a few years ago, I dreamed up the Rock River Delta Bridge Club. I imagined that it would be a social club that rides bikes and lights fireworks on pagan holidays. So far, I might be the only member of the R.R.D.B.C. but that didn’t stop this year’s solstice sunset cruise from turning into quite a show! Every once and a while a photograph can come somewhat close to the visual splendor that presents itself from the seat of a bicycle. The more time we can spend in the saddle will probably increase the likelihood that we will see some of this natural beauty that surrounds us all. Here’s to everyone’s good health and prosperity in 2023! Let’s go play bikes!


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