Fat (video) Tuesday – Fat Ride

Here’s a video from Shawn at Trail Vision QC. I bet that you’ve heard the saying “earn your turns”. Well, Shawn not only climbs the trail, but he also shovels some of the snowiest technical trail features in a cool video that makes me worry about the future health and welfare of his bike frame. #fatbikescanfly

Track〰️: «The Freeride»
Place????: Énergie CMB, Quebec, Canada
Difficulty⚫️ : Double black diamond

Riding a Freeride track with jumps over 10 feet on a FatBike with no suspension…Here’s what it looks like…????
After 14 hours + of shoveling, here is the final result!

You can watch more videos from Shawn at @trail_vision_qc

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