Wallpaper Wednesday – ¡Kid Dolomite!

Today’s Wallpaper Wednesday comes to us from Stefano Boem. This is what Stefano shared about his photograph. Here is another picture I snapped at the Summit of monte Specie, Italian Dolomiti, 2350 mt: you can see Tre Cime di Lavaredo mountain with my Fat bike Salsa Beargrease. Got your own Wallpaper Worthy Photo? We love to […]

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Fat (video) Tuesday – Scotland’s Most Beautiful Glenn

Jeff Price’s newest video is incredibly scenic! You gotta stream this one on your telly. Thanks for the glorious Spring motivation amigo! Would you share your Plus or Fat Pixels? Give us your tired, your poor, Your huddled pixels, yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming hard drive. Send your pics and videos to uncle and if […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – The Vernal Equinox

The first day of spring makes every fat biker wish for one last snow ride. This is a shot from our amigo Jeff Davis of his Salsa Blackborrow along Grimes Creek in Idaho. Jeff’s caption for his photo is ‘One Last Ride’. I hope there’ll be a few more fun snow rides this year! Feel […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – El Duderino Returns

El Duderino wants to wish everyone a Happy Intergalactic Groomer Appreciation Day. (Wallpaper Wednesday). It took me a second to see the bike. A groomed trail in an arboreal paradise, cloaked with snow and bathed in the darkness. Feel free to download this image and use it as your own wallpaper. Just click on the image […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Gibby Kirwan

Here’s a great submission from Gibby Kirwan. It’s Wallpaper Wednesday (all day long) up in here. A rare opportunity for a snow ride in Western Germany. This is my Specialized Fatboy Trail Pro on a local trail in Rheinland Pfalz, Germany.  It’s running pretty much stock since I bought it new in 2019. The only […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Old Man Fat Bike

Today’s Wallpaper Wednesday comes to us from Jens aka Old Man Fat Bike! What; Attached is a photo of my 2022 Kona Woo. Where; The image was taken at Klondike Park located near Augusta, Missouri.   Why; I wanted to create a very cool Youtube thumbnail for my “New Bike Day” video which has yet to be uploaded […]

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Fat Tuesday Video – Overnight in Aubrac

Snowy bikepacking in Aubrac, on the trails between Aveyron, Cantal, and Lozère, in France Would you share your Plus or Fat Pixels? Give us your tired, your poor, Your huddled pixels, yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming hard drive. Send your pics and videos to uncle and if you include your mailing address, we’ll send you […]

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Fat (video)Tuesday - Überwintern Fatbike Fest

Fat (video)Tuesday – Überwintern Fatbike Fest

Here’s a short video from the Überwintern Fatbike Fest in Stowe, Vermont. Would you share your Plus or Fat Pixels? Give us your tired, your poor, Your huddled pixels, yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming hard drive. Send your pics and videos to uncle and if you include your mailing address, we’ll send you some stickers […]

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Wisco Cyclismo’s Holiday Hit Parade

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s time for the holidays. If you’re like me, you’re scrambling to find some gifts for friends and family up to the last minute. If you’re stuck and need some ideas, read on. I’ve curated a few of my favorite cycling-focused goodies for your gift-giving (and receiving) considerations. Maybe there’s something here […]

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Fat Bike Worlds – Leadville Colorado

Fat Bike Worlds Returns to Colorado in 2024 Leadville, CO – December 6, 2023 – The highly anticipated 2024 Fat Bike Worlds is set to make a triumphant return to Colorado in January for its 9th annual celebration of fat biking excellence. After a brief hiatus from the state, the event is gearing up to […]

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Global Fat Bike Day 2023 – Celebration Directory

GFBD 2023 Celebrations! December Second Two Thousand and Twenty–Three (or thereabouts) GLOBAL FAT-BIKE DAY! You are all part of the FUN! Gather your regional fat tribe for some worldwide group fun. The event is a grassroots, community-based gathering. We think that you will find that it is one of the best times, you have ever had […]

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Klunkedelic Bike Dream

I’ve started to wonder or perhaps more accurately dream that klunkers are going to be the next cool bike trend. When fat bikes were going plaid, I found myself sitting across the conference table from bike industry executives. They asked me what I thought was going to be the next big thing Beyond the Ludacris […]

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Trek Line Elite & Pro Flat Pedals

Trek sent us a couple of pairs of pedals of the platform variety so I threw them on the Trek Farley 9 that has taken up temporary residence in the test bunker and I’ve been riding them for a few weeks now. Let’s look at some specs and I’ll give you a quick early report […]

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Sizzling Summer Sunglasses

Koo Supermoto Koo is a new brand started by Kask Helmets. They sent us a couple of pairs this spring. We awarded one pair to one of our listeners on the Danger Gnome Podcast and I’ve been field testing a pair of Supernova frames. I think the name that they chose for the brand. Koo […]

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Klunky Summer Ride Apparel

I’ve been online shopping again. This means we’ve got a new collection of this summer’s hottest ride fashions for the non-kit-wearing crowd. And believe (you) me, I see the humor and irony in my having any fashion sense at all. So, maybe ‘Summer Ride Fashions for Stout Geezers’ would have been a more accurate title […]

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Event Spotlight – Fatober-fest

Our amigos from the Mitchel County Mountain Goats are hosting a weekend of bike fun out in Osage, Iowa. This is an event run by the same folks that brought you the Mayday Mayhem Klunker event that shone so bright earlier this year so it stands to reason that the Fatober-Fest should be one hell […]

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Event Spotlight – Acorn Squatch

Here’s an event that I attend and volunteer at to help folks find the scenic hidden gems at the Levis Mound Trails. I’ll be the guide that points out the piles of porcupine poop along the trail. This particular little bike party and these wild rustic old-school singletrack trails are near and dear to my […]

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2024 Salsa Cycles Fat-Bike Announcement

The marketing department at Salsa Cycles HQ have just released details of their 2024 Fat-Bike line up and if you didn’t know, there’s some big news… We’ve got new spec, new colors, and a new name! Beargrease The Beargrease was inspired in part by John Beargrease, the son of an Anishinaabe chief, who carried mail […]

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Fat Video Favorites Part Two

Here’s the second video in the fat-bike favorite, F(v)T videographers of all time and the universe series. Deo and his wheelie-rich videos from the East Coast of Canada and have been one of my favorites for a long time. Check out his latest clip above or dig into his youtube archives. Would you share your […]

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Fat (video) Tuesday - Favorite Videographers

Fat (video) Tuesday – Favorite Videographers

This is the first in a series of videos from our favorite videographers that have inspired all of us over the last decade-(plus). Today’s clip is from Tscheezy. It was shot back in 2010. Tscheezy was one of the first folks that I saw making cycling videos using GoPro cameras in the fat bike genre. […]

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Foto Gordo – Big Diesel

Nick Matias sent us this shot from California. This is what he shared… “This was taken in Menifee, CA. When: July 16th, 2023 in the morning just before it got scorching hot. This is at a construction site, but it’s like a dirt playground for me. I like to go down these two hills and […]

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Ibex Lizzi Tights by Thumbelena

Buy Less, Buy Better. That is the moto at Ibex and I absolutely love it! All their wool comes from farms in Australia and New Zealand. The farms are regularly checked to ensure the sheep are treated with respect, and best practices are adopted for the protection of the land. Fun fact: They specialize in […]

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Ibex Merino Wool essentials for Any Season

The folks at Ibex approached us with their ‘mud season’ line of apparel just in time for the spring thaw. I got to test the Indie hoodie and the Indie quick link neck gaiter.  Ibex is the original gangster of Merino Wool in my book. There are dozens of Merino brands out there now, and […]

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Snēk Releases New Bag Collection – by Greg Gentle

Earlier this summer the good folks at Snēk Cycling launched a new collection of US-made bike bags to its on-bike storage lineup. The collection is designed to complement its current line of handlebar bags and other storage solutions, providing cyclists with versatile storage options for bike tools, gear, and other carry-on bike items. The new […]

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Fat (video) Tuesday – The Oregon Coast

Dallas Mignano thought that his video from a recent trip along the Oregon Coast would interest our readers. The video is as long as a television show. Do any of you kids stream youtube videos on your big-screen television at home? The Oregon Coast has captivated my imagination and beach riding along the Pacific Coast […]

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2023 Kona Unit Field Test

You wanna talk about a bike with a long, singlespeed mountain bike history? We give you the 2023 Kona Unit. Back in the nineteen 90s, singlespeeds exploded onto the mountain bike scene, and the Kona Unit was born. There has been a slew of units over the last 30 years. I took notice of a […]

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FatFest 2023 and FatBike Jumble

Graham Foot and Smokestone Bikes are hosting Fat Fest later this month! This looks like it’ll be a riot! It’s such a great idea! A Fat Bike Festival to start the summer off right! If you’re in the UK and you ride a fat bike, you should put this on your radar. Here are some […]

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Showers Pass Cloudburst Hooded Jacket – by Greg Gentle

Showers Pass Cloudburst Hooded Jacket-$239  Showers Pass continues to innovate and produce outstanding outdoor and cycling gear from its Portland, Oregon headquarters. Recently dropped, the Cloudburst Hooded Jacket takes all the amazing features of their 2021 hoodless release but raises the bar a notch by adding a hooded feature. I reviewed the first rendition of […]

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A tale of tubeless tire sealant(s)

A short story about tire sealant The average fat biker that has one bike to maintain, probably can’t relate to our tubeless tire atmosphere, so I’ll try to preface this story with a little bit of information about our thirsty, tubeless tire situation. Companies ship us demo bikes to field test and they rarely come […]

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Book review, Bikepacking Scotland by Markus Stitz

Back in 2015, Markus set off from the UK and headed east on his singlespeed Surly Ogre and nearly 12 months later became the first person to cycle singlespeed around the world. So with that, you could say he knows how to plot a route! Since his return, Markus has been busy riding the lesser-known […]

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2023 Mayday Mayhem Sit:Rep

A few years back, some of our northern Iowa gnome fest cousins started a klunker race, called the Mayday Mayhem. For one reason or another, I hadn’t been able to attend. In the meantime, I urged pretty much anybody that would listen to go in my stead, because, in addition to my obvious fat bike […]

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