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Triple D Race Recap (PART 2)

Exiting Chad’s pizza and getting back on the bike alerted me that there were a lot of people who were going to AT LEAST make it to the halfway point. In a previous year this was enough to win the race, and for some had been unattainable in numerous attempts. I was happy to see […]

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Everyone getting lined up for 100km of snow (cred Gabi)

Triple D Race Recap (PART 1)

Triple D (Dubuque-Dyersville-Durango), is a run/ski/bike race (individual sports not tri-style) held in Dubuque, Iowa. In its fifth year, the race has become notable for its abominable conditions and the sheer lack of finishers. Focusing on the bike race specifically, the number of people who finished are as follows: 4, 0, 8, 23 (of 25 […]

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The ‘Lander so far (a comparison also)

I’ve owned my Pugsley for five years, and like most- have constantly sung its praises.  I love my Surly Pugsley.  I have delivered pizza, ridden singletrack (singlespeed and geared), floated it across flooded roads, ridden through snowy fields, and thrown basically everything in my arsenal at it with great success; the Pugs stood its ground. […]

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Out with the old, in with the new

Mighty (endo)morphin power tire

Seemingly, the new debate about fat tires is which orientation of Nate’s, Larry’s, or Big Fat Larry’s is going to be the best combination of tires. One tire that I don’t hear people talking about is the original gangster of fat tires, the Surly Endomorph. A tire that shouldn’t be forgotten amongst all the new […]

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