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Is The Walmart Fatbike Really That Bad?

Editor’s Note: After seeing the truly insane hubbub the Walmart fatbike (henceforth referred to as the WalGoose) generated on MTBR, Test Pilot Cale had to have one. So an order was placed and $215 later a green Walgoose was on it’s way to his doorstep. What follows are some initial impressions and a Challenge. I got my Walgoose on Friday in […]

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Porcelain Rocket Bags – Long Term Review

So, you may remember an intro post waaay back in the day on some bikepacking bags made by a small company called Porcelain Rocket.  Well, rest assured they have not been sitting in a box gathering dust. Rather I’ve been waiting until I had more miles on these bags than most people put on bikepacking bags in a […]

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Baja Beach Adventure – Part 2

When we last left we were bedding down for the evening in a crazy windstorm. Well, the next morning wasn’t any different, we awoke to a solid 30mph wind out of the south. Upon packing up camp I noticed I had a rear flat so before we could head out I had to patch the tube. This […]

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Baja Beach Adventure – Part 1

For years I’ve been sort of captivated by the idea of multi day bikepack trips on the beach, starting with some initial forays on the shores of Lake Michigan and then doing some exploring around my new home in Southern CA I’ve been testing the waters for years but had yet to fully commit. But a few things pushed […]

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Out of the Box: Porcelain Rocket Bags

Bikepacking has been Experiencing a huge jump in popularity lately thanks to events like the Great Divide Race, Arrowhead 135, and the Iditabike, but bikepacking isn’t just for the super hardcore racer. It’s an excellent way to explore the area around you by just riding out your front door and seeing where that dirt road […]

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HOW TO ~ Unstick a Stuck Seatpost

We ride Fatbikes in all sorts of nasty conditions. You might be up to the toptube in swamp water or maybe riding across salty, sandy beaches or even just salt covered slushy roads and bike-paths. Whatever it is our Fatbikes take a lot of abuse and even though you might take care to wash your […]

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West Coast Beachride Report

Since I’m going to be heading back to the snowy Midwest for a few weeks I figured I’d better get in a nice long warm beachride in before I head back. Sunday turned out to be the prefect day, We had a small Cross race up at UCSD which is only a mile or two […]

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Tech: Drilling Fat Rims

So you have a sweet set of super fat wheels for that snowbike of yours but they seem a bit heavy, Sure you could get some of the new generation of rims like the Rolling Darryl’s or some Uma II’s and re-lace your hubs onto those,  but why waste a set of perfectly good rims? In this Post […]

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