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Fat Camp – Jeff Jones Interview

Jones bikes are unconventional to say the least but amazingly versatile and well thought out bikes. After you listen to our interview, if you are interested in checking more, the first stop is the Jones website and specifically Jeff’s blog where he gets into a lot of detail about the different products and design philosophies. He has also produced […]

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photo courtesy of 45nrth/David Gabrys

Fat Camp Special – Ken and Andy Interview 2017 Arrowhead Champion Jill Martindale

Recently, Jill Martindale broke the record for the Arrowhead 135 in the female supported category.  Ken and Andy of FatCamp Podcast sat down with her and got all the nitty gritty about her record setting results.  Listen in as Ken, Andy and Jill have a conversation about the Arrowhead 135 Links:

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Fat Camp Show #21- Mid Winter 2017

Fat Camp show #21 is totally non-monumental but as usual, one heck-of-a-listen.  Ken and Andy hammer through some recent fat news, Ken blasts riders that post hole groomed trails, Andy reveals a personal tire issue and listener’s emails are discussed.  Also, enjoy the snoring dog, Lobo, as he slowly falls asleep during the podcast.  Of […]

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Fat Camp Show 18 with Ken and Andy – The Where the Heck has Fatcamp Been Episode

Show notes for Fat Camp 18 “Where the heck has the Fat Camp been?” Email – On the Instagram @fatcamppodcasters MXZ400 Music:

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Fat Camp Show 17 with Ken and Andy – Bonus Eurobike Episode

Fat Camp Show #17 Notes

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Fat Camp Show 16 with Ken and Andy

Notes and stuff for the Fat Camp Dog’s Days of Summer show. #16 brah!

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Fat Camp Show 10-1- Closing Out Winter and Stoked for Spring!

Hey folks! Ken and Andy are back with another edition of Fat Camp and they are closing out winter and getting stoked for spring! Have a listen! Show Links

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Fat Camp Show 10 – The Snow Show

Rollers are a common fat bike grooming implement and Wildcat seem to be making some of the best right now: Compaction drags are another option for grooming. This is a compaction drag used in Traverse City Michigan. The crew up in Marquette, MI are always ahead of the curve on grooming and have a lot of pictures […]

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Fat Camp Podcast #5 with Ken and Andy

Show notes for Fat Camp Podcast #5 Snowshoe 2XL on Bike Rumor article on the new Fat and Plus Bikes from Cannondale Surly Wednesday on My Other Brother Darryl Rims Scott’s B+ Offerings Alchemist Rims Kuroshiro Rims New Trek Tires We didn’t have time to talk about these but are noteworthy for beach […]

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Fat-bike Radio – Fat Camp Show #4 – Tire/Wheel Sizes and Tire/Rim Ratios

Above is Scott Quiring’s 29+ Rig Fat-bike Radio – Fat Camp Show #4 In this episode Ken and Andy talk about Tire/Wheel Sizes and Tire/Rim Ratios. Learn about the hows, whats and whys of using different rim widths with various tire combos. Show Notes: Tire rolling resistance links: “Tech Tuesday – […]

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Fat Camp Podcast #3 with Ken and Andy – Geometry

Fat Camp Show #3 – Fat-bike Geometry Show Notes: There is a good diagram and calculator for the “trail” of a bike at: Bicycle Trail Calculator Mike Curiak – “Mikesee” on MTBR – “Progressive”/“New School”/”Trail” Geometry Slack (69 degrees or less), low (under 12.5”) and tight (16.5-17”) Fat Bike “Snow” Geometry Slack, low and […]

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