Beach Riding

Goodbye Winter – Hello Spring

[adrotate banner=”192″]   Here’s a snapshot that captures the spring-like winter that sputtered along and laid waste to this year’s fat-bike race schedule. This particular photo was shot at the Shell Track Race up in […]

Fattie Approved

New Zealand – Godley Valley – Fatpack

We’re pleased to welcome back Kevin Higgins. Kevin is our correspondent from Alexandra, NZ which is an hour from Queenstown and Wanaka, and surrounded by epic riding! Kevin was born and raised in San Jose, California but now lives […]

Fattie Approved

Fattie Approved!

Written by – Fattie Lumpkin   “Fattie Approved”- what does it mean?  Without getting too philosophical, my idea of something being “Fattie approved” signifies a general ‘good’ in things. It’s not just about bikes; it’s […]