Enduro AF

A tale of tubeless tire sealant(s)

A short story about tire sealant The average fat biker that has one bike to maintain, probably can’t relate to our tubeless tire atmosphere, so I’ll try to preface this story with a little bit […]

Adventure Bikes

Corvus Cycles – Crow Pass

I spent the summer of ’22 riding a Corvus Crow Pass. Corvus calls the Crow Pass an adventure bike and it lives up to that classification. My typical week includes three or four rides on […]


PNW Coast Drop Bars

Wide Drops are a reality today. Like many of you out there, I lived through a few decades of riding 440mm wide bars because they were the widest drop bars that were available at the […]


CABDA Midwest Report

It’s been a long time since I’ve walked the floors of a convention center filled with the latest and greatest products from the bicycle industry, but earlier this week, I laced up a pair of […]

Gravel Bikes

HED Cycling Emporia GC3 Performance Carbon Wheelset

Our amigos at HED Cyclingare launching a new gravel wheelset called the Emporia GC3 Performance. The new wheelset, which borrows heavily from HED’s top-end Emporia GC3 Pro, is a Performance-level carbon gravel wheel, designed and […]