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Dip Something for the Holidays!

Thy Planetary Melon It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I have a large head but did you know that my ginormous noggin limits the available helmet choices to just a couple of brands. And those brands generally only offer one model in an XL. Plain White The brand that I’ve been […]

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fat tire sponsor-1554

Fat (video) Tuesday – How to drop your tire sponsor

The trend of bicycle tire manufacturers choosing to stamp their tires with enormous logos has reached pretty ridiculous (Hi-Viz Yellow) levels. But fear not fellow unsponsored riders…we’re here to show you how to cover up sidewall hot stamps permanently. When it comes to this particular category of dirty tricks, we generally turn to Bike Black Ribbon […]

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Fat-BoB Trailer v2.0 (aka Crisco Bob)

Back in March I shared my exploits in getting a Bob Trailer to work with a Fat-Bike. That article mainly focused on how to modify the yoke of the trailer to work with Robert Axle Project extended (Bob compatible) rear thru axles. You can read about that here – After we posted the article, one […]

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Fat-Tire Huaraches (Sandals)

Here’s a step by step plan on how to turn your worn out fat-bike tires into sweet huaraches, sent to us by Tom Miller, from St. Maries, ID!   Fat-Tire Huaraches By – Tom Miller I manage a tiny bike shop inside an Ace Hardware Store in St. Maries in Northern Idaho. I’ve been an avid fat bike […]

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SKS Fender Mod

Our friends at SKS sent us a pretty cool mod of their SKS X-tra Dry fender to make it fat-bike friendly. The fat bike fender solution came to SKS from Gene Cappelletti from Oswego, NY. Crystal Trout, of SKS USA told us, “We’ve seen numerous fat fender creations, but this is one of the best that we […]

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Sled-X v1.11

Sled-Hed v 1.0 – aka – the widow maker I read a parable on the surly blog the other day about a rope and pvc-pipe fat-bike sled that inspired me to build Sled-Hed v1.0. Noah had his arc and I….well I have a kid’s psychedelic plastic sled that I bought at the local hardware…. which (in […]

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Reader’s Ride(s) ~ El Pugnago

Written by Drew ♦ Photos by Kim and Drew I’ve enjoyed riding on snow since the first year I got ‘into’ mountain biking.  My second race ever was one of the Hillside ‘Cold Bear Series’ events.  After a handful of Hillside races and a couple of times participating in Triple D I was, honestly, still […]

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Purple Sage’s FatRack Saris Rack Mod

This FatRack “Rack Hack” came courtesy of The Rider of the Purple Sage just hours before he headed back to Colorado from MKE. Thanks for all your hard work! Too bad we had the wrong Saris load bar width for your 850! So, what we have here is a circa 1995 Saris Roof Rack tray. […]

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