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Interbike Outdoor Demo Day 1

Sven and I took the red eye to Vegas and hit the ground running! Much of our coverage will be in the form of video interviews, but to keep you all in the loop with nearly instantaneous coverage , we’ll be updating the site with posts directly from both the show floor and the outdoor […]

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Interbike 2013 – Show Floor Wrap Up

I had a few more hours in Lost Wages than Uncle Gomez and I used it to good effect ferreting out these fat goodies for your perusal. Some of these are real and available now, some are custom one-offs and some are prototypes of good things to come. Keep your browser aimed at for […]

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Interbike diagonal

Interbike – Uncle Gomez’s Last Stand

With an afternoon flight scheduled for my return to the gnomelands of Wisconsin, I had a short list of things to go and cover before heading to the aeropuerto. This year’s show was the fat-bike market’s cotillion. Interbike 2013 was what I had hoped that last year’s show would look like through my personal pair […]

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Interbike – Day 3 – Part One

Day 3 at Interbike takes us to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and the rat maze of booths, aisles and streets lined with every sort of bike paraphernalia you ever imagined. The show is so huge that we’re gonna split our coverage into a couple of posts. We hope you enjoy our coverage as much […]

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Interbike Outdoor Demo Report – Day 1

In the first 5 minutes of Day 1 of the Interbike Outdoor Demo we saw more fat-bikes than we saw all of last year. The number of companies entering the fat-bike market is exploding! All this means different directions, more choices and more fat for all! The photos below are just the tip of the iceberg […]

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Interbike 2012 fat-bke surly tires

Interbike 2012 – More Fat from Vegas

Here’s the rest of what I collected, while working the show today. Surly Rubber Tree I revisited the production sample of the new Krampus and took some detailed shots for y’all. The Krampus demo fleet is rocking a 3rd generation prototype yolk, so all of the photos that you’ve seen before this are not exactly what you’ll […]

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Interbike 2012 – Live from the Show Floor

Sven has been here before, but today was my first time in the maze called Interbike. We popped my interbike cherry today, to bring you all of the fat…all of the time! Just like we promised!  Phil Wood fat-bike design exercise! Custom Fork crowns on the Manitou Fork. 185mm Cassette Hub. Also available in lower […]

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Interbike 2012 Dirt Demo – Day Two

Sven and I continued our coverage of the Outdoor Dirt Demo yesterday at Interbike 2012, employing the highest standards (tongue in cheek) of objective professional journalism that you’ve come to expect from fat hyphen dot com. Disfrute de las bicis gordas y señoritas! We borrowed Caraci Bikes ladies to get this shot with Bud & Lou. 9:Zero:7’s new belt […]

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Thanks for all the Beer!

Interbike Dirt Demo – Part Two!

Another day of sweltering in the desert for you fine people just to get our Skin Sake-filled hands on the latest Fat-Bike goodness and, Man, I tell you what, fat-bikes aren’t just for snow anymore!   Greg Matyas (the man behind Fatback) and his belt drive – IGH- front suspension,show piece. Flame Fork Belt Drive […]

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Interbike Dirt Demo – Day One!

Sven and I spent all day in the desert rope’n and ride’n the fat. You’n may’ve seen some of this here before but, Pard, I’ll tell ya, seein’ and ridin’ are two different things. Krampus = however you spell thumbs up where you come from. 9:Zero:7 is working hard to infiltrate  your neck of the […]

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