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Fat Foto Friday ♦ Finnish Double Feature

Juha Liukkonen shot these two ghostly images riding his sweet Snowblind Pugsley on some snow packed trails near Ristiina, Finland. You can check out Jula’s blog at and view his rad pug build here –  Pug’s Year -gallery. Fat Foto Friday is a weekly feature where we try to help kick off everyone’s fat-bike weekend(s)s with a little Fat […]

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Reader’s Ride(s) – The Fat Pearl

Burnsey from over there at Single Speed Pirate sent us info on his latest singlespeed fat-bike build for you all to check out! Here goes! Does a bike-building addiction come standard issue, as a part of the cycling experience? I’m not sure what to do, as I am on a constant mission after many years […]

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Jason - MichiganF

FAT-TRIBE Thursday

All of you have been so great at sending us photos and videos of your fat-bike fun that we decided to create a spot on our calendar, where we can share them with everyone! Every week or two, on Thursday, we’ll share  contributions from the World Wide Fat-Bike Tribe. Please feel free to exercise your […]

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2012-12-21_11-05-21_450 copy

Quiring Eye Candy!

We received some Holiday Greetings from our amigo, Scott Quiring along with some pictures of a couple of fat-bikes that he’s been working on in December. We featured a Builder Profile on Quiring Cycles last April. Here’s some great news for you Ti fans out there, Scott tells us that he’s currently working on creating […]

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pugnago and 907

Reader’s Ride(s) ~ El Pugnago

Written by Drew ♦ Photos by Kim and Drew I’ve enjoyed riding on snow since the first year I got ‘into’ mountain biking.  My second race ever was one of the Hillside ‘Cold Bear Series’ events.  After a handful of Hillside races and a couple of times participating in Triple D I was, honestly, still […]

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Reader’s Rides – Marvin the Moonlander reader, Mark Peterson, hails from Salt Lake City, UT and sent in this story about his Moonlander, “Marvin the Martian”, along with a bunch of pix of the upgrades he’s done. For all you “green” fans out there, Mark has scoured the globe to find anodized green goodness! I have always loved my bikes. […]

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flying mukluk

Readers Ride(s) ~ MID-LIFE MUKLUK {Ti}

Here’s a reader’s ride  – slash review – slash bed-time story, from one of my ride buddies that I started riding with, back when Cannondale’s mtb’s used to have  24″ rear wheels (over 25 years ago).  Andy was always a pain in the ass to go riding with, because he was so f’ing fast and […]

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Reader’s Ride(s) – Grave Digger Pug

This is the bike that delivered Colin Ford the Wisconsin State Team Fat-bike Championship, and the Pugsley World Championship. His fat-bike is a Surly Necromancer Pugsley, Colin likes it cuz its black…steel…and can handle the BRAAAAAAAP!  Its inspired by Grave Digger, the World Champion Monster Truck, and he rides it just like a 3 wheeler, […]

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Reader’s Ride(s) – Dave’s Record Setting Pug

This is Dave Pramann’s Pug. An original 2005 Surly Pugsley that was built by famous FatBike designer John Evingson. As you can see below it has quite a pedigree! FatBike Record Holder bike for Arrowhead…15hrs:47min FatBike Record Holder bike for Ragnarok…7:02 w/aero bars Fatbike Record Holder bike for Chequamegon 40…2:37 Fatbike Record Holder bike for […]

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Reader’s Ride(s) ~ Mr. Pugglesworth

This is my brother Ernesto’s, bike mechanic’s fat-bike. We call him the whiskey mechanic (long story), or Mr. Scott. and now for something completely different Mr. Pugglesworth… Standard snow blind white frame Simple down tube panel with brushed silver logo, matching cigar band striping, and my fave, the SP seat mast monogram. now as for Mr. […]

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Reader’s Ride(s) ~ Butch’s 9:Zero:7

    Everybody knows Butch…..or rather, everyone should know Butch. Think of the best dude you know and that’s Butch.   Butch sold his baby poop brown pugs last winter to help finance an extended exploration of the great American west last winter, leaving him without a fat-bike till late this fall. He wanted to […]

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Sevo’s Test Rig: 9:Zero:7 135mm

Well my goal last fall was to build up a rig I’d never ridden before and could tinker with over the season. I wanted something light for the base and play around after that. Build ended up being as follows: 2012 9:Zero:7 frame/fork, Large, Yellow, 135mm Wheels: Rolling Daryl’s, Salsa Front Hub, XT Rear Tires: […]

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