Category: Race Frank the Tank Hill Challenge & Fundraiser

Frank the Tank Hill Challenge & Fundraiser

April 10, 2021

It's our first ever members only fundraising event. (Not a member? Then join LAMBO so you can participate too!)
Here's the deal. Find a handful of sponsors willing to put up some money for every lap you ride in two hours non-stop, with one 5 minute break permissible. Each lap is short, but brutal - a ride down the berms of Blue Ox from the top of the hill and then cranking up Frank's Hill (fire road) back to the beginnin. Sound easy? Then sign up and see how many laps you can knock out. Current record is 25 in an hour, by our local legend Mike Olkowski. Get a few sponsors to pony up a buck a lap and we've got some funds coming in for the new Zip pump track coming in the Spring of 2021. Every little bit counts. Knock out the most laps and you've got bragging rights at LAMBO for one year!


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