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The InThe InSayner 23 Mile Adventure Bike Rice

June 12, 2021

You are about to sign up for an adventure!! A race that takes place in the depths of Northern Wisconsin: ride snowmobile trails, sweet stretches of downhills, an old ski hill run, logging roads, gravel roads, a small stretch of blacktop, and a few other surprises that may dampen an average rider’s spirit. NOT YOU though!! This race takes you through 23 miles of wooded forest which is home to many creatures of all shapes and sizes. Legends are made and forgotten all in one day!! What kind of bike you ask? Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha! Wouldn’t you like to know! But know this, advantages won’t last forever!! A challenging, but fun race that to the bitter end may throw you an occasional gut punch. Congratulations, you just signed up for the InSayner!!
The race will start in the town of Sayner at the Community Center and will travel SW down snowmobile trails to Musky Mountain. The race route continues down Plum Vitae Road to another snowmobile trail. This hits Vandercook road a few times. Route will continue to Klondike Road and on to Ross Lake Road before following snowmobile trails back to the finish.

Sayner Wisconsin
$35 Entry
Limited to 40 Racers
8:30 Check In
10:00 Race Start
No on-site registration
2-3 hours race time anticipated

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