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Initial Impression – Diamant F1-LTD by Euan Pennington

    Porn.  It’s all over the Interweb.  If those on the moral high ground are to be believed, it will distract you at work, cost you money, erode existing relationships and create unrealistic expectations.  I received some porn recently on the Internet, in the form of an email from Uncle Gomez, Baron of all […]

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Adventuring at Erica (Australia)

Ed’s Note: Euan Pennington from the land of Madness and Vegemite sandwiches brings us another story of adventures from the Land Down Under! Thanks Euan! Photos by Jo Foley. A week off work. The cat at the cat sitter. We had a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it was dark, and we […]

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Moreton Island Fat-Bike Ride

Last week we had a few links to blog posts from Troy Szczurkowski about trip to Moreton Island. Here is a video he made of the trip. Moreton Island is a large sand island off the coast of south-east Queensland, Australia. It looks like beach riding paradise! We’d love to see what fat-biking is like in […]

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