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First Look – SRAM X5 Fat-bike Crankset

I recently picked up a 170mm SRAM X5 fat-bike crankset for the Schlick 29-Plus prototype I built up and initial impressions are, well, impressive! Weighing in at a real world 959 grams, the black, X5 fat-bike cranks have a 100mm wide spindle and dedicated 36/22 SRAM 2X10 chainrings. For those with longer legs than mine […]

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Fating the Smokies

A little fat-bike southern cooking for you from our Asheville, Norte del Carolina correspondant ~ Katy Snaks! While it’s fantastic that some cyclists enjoy hacking through the wilderness or tackling long races on their fat-bikes, that’s not quite my natural inclination. When charged with writing an article for, it took a few minutes to […]

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Three Rings for Three Seasons

For the past year and a half I’ve been riding my Schlick Northpaw year-round basically eschewing most of my other bikes in favor of the fatness. Heck, I even sold my 29’er and my 26-inch MTB leaving me with a sole 650B MTB to fill the need if it should arise. I’ve been running mostly […]

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