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Smith Vantage Helmet – Vented Nirvana

With a fat bike added to my stable last year, I knew I was going to be doing a whole lot more cold weather riding.  Not only more, but in much colder conditions.  Last winter, after a couple of longish rides in the low teens I finally came to accept the shortcomings of riding with […]

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Product Intro – Stein Kask Plasma Helmet

With my rebuild and repaint of Pugsley One almost complete, I thought I’d treat myself to a new helmet. For ages now I’ve been looking for a helmet with a decent tinted flip up/down visor, great for dealing with the eye watering wind blown sands found on the (usually) windy beaches of East Lothian, here […]

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Product Preview – Ruroc RG-1 Integrated Helmet System

Fresh on the testing Schedule is Ruroc’s RG-1 integrated helmet system. The moment that I laid eyes on this set-up I was in love with the shock-troop, blast shield,  futuristic style. The RG-1 is like a super-sonic jet fighter for your face. Ruroc is based in the UK and is having a hard time keeping these babies […]

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