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Wallpaper Wednesday – Gypsy by Trade

Mushroom Rock, Carbondale, CO; snow falls on Mt. Sopris in the background. Nicholas Carman sent us in a few pix from his adventures riding his fat-bike all over the west. Nicholas says: I have been riding a secondhand purple Pugsley daily for ten months. First, I rode through a winter in Anchorage, commuting and exploring snowy […]

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Fat (video) Tuesday – Fat Bike Building

New bikes, new gear, new goals, new friends… ice is beginning to cover the ponds up here in Interior Alaska and we at Far North Fatbikes are itchin’ to get the fatties on snow. While this video was made last year as we assembled our fleet of rental fatbikes, we think it’s fitting to watch […]

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Fat (Video) Tuesday – Wheels of Tire

John Boalick sent us a compilation of various clips from his rides in North Carolina over the last year. The music is from one of his all time favorite skate videos, Wheels of Fire (1988).   We’d like to see your fat-bike home movies! If you’ve got a fat-bike related, short film that you feel is […]

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Fat (Video) Tuesday – Fat-Mail

Mis amigo djonnymac, made a little film of his mail run, riding his snow-white pugsley, del gatos locos. Eleven Minutes compressed into just shy of uno minuto! I bet some of our readers have been almost run over by a moose on their way to the mailbox! If you’ve got a moose vs.  fat-bike video […]

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Interbike 2012 – Live from the Show Floor

Sven has been here before, but today was my first time in the maze called Interbike. We popped my interbike cherry today, to bring you all of the fat…all of the time! Just like we promised!  Phil Wood fat-bike design exercise! Custom Fork crowns on the Manitou Fork. 185mm Cassette Hub. Also available in lower […]

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The Dakota 5-0…No Sleep till Bacon

Decorah, IA bud, Ben Shockey AKA The Shockstar rode the Dakota 50 on his singlespeed Pugsley this year and sent in this report. Enjoy! Thanks to and for permission to use the accompanying photos. BTW, folks, Ben wrote this entire story on his mobile phone! This year’s Dakota 5-0 marked the third time in the […]

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Fat Video Tuesday ~ Side by Side Comparison

An interesting clip that compares a standard mtb, a 4″ pugs and a 5″ moonie on semi-crusted wettish snow. I wonder what the tire pressures were set at? Oh!…..and you might want to mute the volume……don’t say I didn’t warn you. Let’s hear from every corner of the Globe? If you’ve got a fat-bike related […]

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Bozo-the-Clown FVT

Fat Video Tuesday ~ Driveway Trials

[{(wiki-wiki-whirr )}]- what do you do in your driveway? Let’s hear from every driveway in America? If you’ve got a fat-bike related image that you feel is “Fat (Video) Tuesday” worthy, slap a link in an email with what, where, why-type info and videographer’s credit to and you may see your creative work here!

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Survival of the Fattest – Chequamegon 100   This sounded like a bad idea. Believe it or not, earlier this Spring I was sitting around behind a bike shop drinking beer and talking about bikes.  The conversation started getting into Single Speeds vs. Gears, Steel vs. Carbon Frames, and Fat Bikes vs. skinny 29’ers.  What best, what’s OK, what sucks, etc. […]

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Fat-Bike scottish honeymoon

Fat Video Tuesday – Fat-Bike Honeymoon

Mike Taylor Chronicles the first month of riding his new custom painted pugsley around (where else?) – Scotland!   Got your own fatbike video? If you’ve got a fat-bike related image that you feel is “Fat (Video) Tuesday” worthy, slap a link in an email with what, where, why-type info and videographer’s credit to and you may see […]

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Fat-Bike Surfari ~ Beach Riding Research

Fat-bike beach riding isn’t always peaches and cream. Sometimes you ride the beach…and sometimes the beach wears you like a prison jumpsuit. Last month, Sven, Puck and I went to explore a new section of beach north of Milwaukee. It was windier than a fifty pound bag of politics and Lake Michigan was rock’n real good. […]

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Pugsley vs. Moonlander ?

  I started riding fat-bikes on a Pugsley, gifted to me for my 50th birthday and then last December I got a Moonlander complete. I haven’t ridden the Pugsley since getting my Moonlander, so I’m contemplating selling it. But first, I’d like to hear from our readers on the subject of Pugs vs Moonie. I […]

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Fat-Bike Dreams

For the last few weeks, the last thing I think about, before I go to sleep, is called Big Eau Pleine. It’s a park up in Marathon County, Wisconsin that I’ve frequented over the years. While I’ve ridden my bike there, it isn’t what I would call a mountain bike destination. Big Eau Pleine (BEP) […]

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Spinner’s Interview with Sov from SURLY

  Spinner hooked us up with this PRIMO interview as he sat down with Sov, well, actually he sat down with a High Life in front of a computer, and pulled questions outta his bike seat rester regarding what he thinks is  one of the coolest and most popular fat bikes around – The Pugsley. […]

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Baja Beach Adventure – Part 2

When we last left we were bedding down for the evening in a crazy windstorm. Well, the next morning wasn’t any different, we awoke to a solid 30mph wind out of the south. Upon packing up camp I noticed I had a rear flat so before we could head out I had to patch the tube. This […]

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Fating the Smokies

A little fat-bike southern cooking for you from our Asheville, Norte del Carolina correspondant ~ Katy Snaks! While it’s fantastic that some cyclists enjoy hacking through the wilderness or tackling long races on their fat-bikes, that’s not quite my natural inclination. When charged with writing an article for, it took a few minutes to […]

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Pugsley on Patrol 95 – Talla Water

Latest video in the Pugsley on Patrol series. Filmed in the Tweedsmuir Hills of the Scottish Borders with music by Mindthings. Filming took over 5 hours and produced over 10 Gb of HD footage which was edited down to the 4.38 minutes you see here. Two cameras were used, a GoPro HD for the “camera-on-a-stick”, […]

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My First Fat Bike

Hey All! Gary from Pugsley on Patrol has joined the crew and will be regaling us with stories and experiences from that fatbike paradise, Scotland! – Sven There was a time when I had never even heard of the term “fat bike”, let alone actually seen one in the flesh or lifted my leg […]

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Reader’s Ride(s) – Dave’s Record Setting Pug

This is Dave Pramann’s Pug. An original 2005 Surly Pugsley that was built by famous FatBike designer John Evingson. As you can see below it has quite a pedigree! FatBike Record Holder bike for Arrowhead…15hrs:47min FatBike Record Holder bike for Ragnarok…7:02 w/aero bars Fatbike Record Holder bike for Chequamegon 40…2:37 Fatbike Record Holder bike for […]

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Gearing Up For A Change

I had an epiphany and learned something pivotal this past weekend… It’s not about what you can’t do, it’s about what you CAN. How can a 36 mile winter fatbike ride be more difficult than a 100 mile winter fatbike ride? Soft snow and one gear. When I had my 29er with Snow Cats, I […]

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Occupy Sweaty Yeti – Race Report and Birthday Party!

A bunch of us made the trip up to Levis for the inaugural Sweaty Yeti Fat-Bike Race last Saturday. We all were coming together to combine race director, Steve Meurett’s, amigo, Adam Blake’s & my lovely wife, Bethany’s Birthday Party…drink some good beer…ride/race? some sweet snowy trail…..and (with Steve’s OK) occupy the Levis Trail Center […]

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2012 Pugsley World Championships

2012 Pugsley World Championships February 25, 2012 The Ax is Back Registration will be Day of the race at Cooper’s Pub in Decorah, IA 1101 Highway 9 W Decorah, IA 52101-2409 8:00 to 10:00 Registration Race starts at 10:30 There is no Pre-Registration, however please select the Attending option in the Facebook event The course […]

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Reader’s Ride(s) ~ Mr. Pugglesworth

This is my brother Ernesto’s, bike mechanic’s fat-bike. We call him the whiskey mechanic (long story), or Mr. Scott. and now for something completely different Mr. Pugglesworth… Standard snow blind white frame Simple down tube panel with brushed silver logo, matching cigar band striping, and my fave, the SP seat mast monogram. now as for Mr. […]

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Fat-bike Demo Days in Michigan (and a race!)

Rob, the Michigan-area Salsa/Surly rep is hitting the road with a fleet of demo bikes and will be hitting several events/demos over the next week. Here is what he sent as a schedule. Farm Team Fat Bike Race – Grand Rapids, MI Jan 14 Kinetic Systems Mukluk Demo – Waterford, MI Jan 15 Island Lake […]

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NYD Ride – Decorah, IA

The Decorah NYD ride is a 13 miles gravel route to the Blue Collar Friendly Randy’s Bluffton Store. Temps in the 20 Degree range.  55 to 60 MPH head wind on the way out. 25 to 30 riders. 3 Moonlanders. 2 Pugsleys. ? Barley pops and a jug of Home-made Apple Pie Moonshine. This was […]

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Fat-Bikers X-Mas Wish List

Want to know what the fat-biker in your life covets? We’ve put together a list and checked it twice! Surly Moonlander (Duh!) it’s so fat that St. Nick has one on order for (his-jolly-ole-self)!   Ahearne Cycles Custom Engraved Flask and Cage Send in your art and create a gift that will last a […]

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The Empire Strikes Back

Gnome Fest was a great time once again this year. There are many great times planned and some that just seem to happen. I’ve been known for a great many things, and some…. kind of questionable things, but it seems one of my super powers is breaking things. I broke my very first serious mountain […]

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Matt’s Gnome-Fest Raffle Winner – “Babe the Blue Ox”

There’s a wild mountain bike festival every September called Gnome-Fest in the north-woods of Wisconsin and last year Surly Bicycles donated a Pugsley frame and fork to be raffled off to support the local trail group at Levis-Trow Mounds. As luck would have it……. one of our amigos (Matt Sylvester) won the raffle and has […]

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