Trail Pump Shootout

Welcome to our very first shootout. A few years back, Sven put together a Fat-Bike 101 series and one of the articles dealt with pumps. Here’s a link – fat-bike-101-pumps. So here we are 2 years […]


SKS Fender Mod

Our friends at SKS sent us a pretty cool mod of their SKS X-tra Dry fender to make it fat-bike friendly. The fat bike fender solution came to SKS from Gene Cappelletti from Oswego, NY. Crystal Trout, […]


SKS Aircon Floor Pump Review

Here’s a quick review of SKS’s Fat-Bike Friendly Aircon Floor Pump from our ole pal Blatz! What can be said about a floor pump that hasn’t already been talked about? They all do the same job, taking […]