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Six Weeks with a Bulldozer

We featured a product spotlight on the new Bulldozer from Vee Tire, just about the time we were losing our snowpack back at the end of March. I was immediately drawn to the Bulldozer because of the width, the relative light weight and the unusual tread pattern. We recently published a six week test of the 45NRTH Dillinger 5 […]

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Product Spotlight – Vee Tire Snowshoe 26 x 4.7

One of the many splendid new products that we saw at Interbike this year was Vee Tire’s brand new Snowshoe 26 x 4.7 fat-bike tire. We’ve been waiting patiently for them to become available and today, our patience was rewarded with two brand new production Snowshoe tires for us to test! The two tires weighed […]

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First Look – Vee Rubber Mission Fat-bike Tires

What we’ve got here is the new Mission fat-bike tire, a 26″ x 4.0 offering from Vee Rubber. You may recall that we reviewed, and continue to roll on, the Vee Rubber Vee8 and came away impressed. Let’s see how the more aggressive Mission stacks up. The version of the Mission we are looking at […]

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Fat-Bike Exclusive ♦ Vee Rubber Speedster Tire

From the moment that I laid eyes upon the VeeRubber Speedster tire at Interbike’s Outdoor Demo out in the LasVegas desert, I knew that I just had to ride a set. The first thing that crossed my mind, for this 26″ x 3.5″ set of snake skins, was how they would work on my rat-rod. […]

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