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Marty ~  or more commonly known on the intarweb forums as[or alternatively as unclefuzzy_ss], has 168 dog years of experience working in the bike industry. He’s done it all.Shop monkey, call center reject, industry wag, shop owner, gnome roper and bike distributor.A confessed early adopter, he was fat before fat was cool. He also can take a mean picture, and some fair video’s. Honestly though? He’s a good guy, who won’t steer you wrong.Trust his word like you trust the word of your chosen religious tome.


Julio ~ likes to ride bikes like a gaucho. If its got two wheels, he’ll ride it – mountain, road, cross, grocery getter, cruiser, tandem, and of course, fat. While new to the fat bike scene, his enthusiasm is only outweighed by his love of goats. When not acting in a product reviewer/tester capacity for FatHyphenBikedotCom, he likes to dabble in the black arts as well as craft beer imbibing, doughnut consumption, and espresso extraction.



Spinner Reyerson ~ is the leader elect of the DHPT (Decorah Human Powered Trails) organization in Decorah, IA. He spends his time chasing people through the woods on bicycles, planning trails in the Decorah park systems, enjoying barley pop and hosting events such as the Pugsley World Championships. He is aspiring to get a racing sponsorship from Nacho Doritos. Spinner bought his first fat bike in 2010 and will never be without one again, unless it breaks, but then he’ll get another one. He also has a thing for crashing and attending bike events where there is at least as much beer as there is spandex.



Josh Spice ~ Josh lives in Fairbanks, Alaska, and is co-owner of Far North Fatbikes, the only fatbike rental business in Interior & Northern Alaska. He rides a single-speed fatbike year-round in Alaska, for both recreation and commuting. Josh’s passion lies in traveling to cool off-trail places to sleep outside and learning about gear & techniques, so he can share the experiences and knowledge with others. (He changed this line 3 times)



Adam (Fattie Lumpkin) ~  tries to ride it all: road, trails, gravel, and snow; and all on his trusty Pugsley.  Adam is just as apt to be found at the local race as he is the local pub ride.  Bearded and crazy- follow Adam and you are sure to find yourself embroiled in adventure and shenanigans……..and – All of his front teeth are fake… all of them.



Cale ~ is a DIY enthusiast and Bikepacking nerd with weight-weenie tendencies. Hes been known to own (at least briefly)  nearly every type of bike available as well as lots and lots of gear. He recently made the move from Wisconsin out to Sunny SoCal. He will be contributing DIY articles as well as testing things out on dirt and rocks while the rest of us freeze our asses off and ride on the snow. Keep an eye out for the occasional fat bike trip report as well.




 Katy Steudel ~ known also as Snaks, is one of the original members of Team Pegasus, a team that’s always been in it for the fun. What better match than fat bikes? She’s worked as a graphic designer for SRAM and Hayes Components, and recently moved from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Asheville, North Carolina in search of the next adventure. Her Pugsley, Snowflake, is white with white reflective vinyl snowflakes and purple anodized components. Both rider and steed are primarily used to riding on snow, and are looking forward to exploring the snow in the mountains and the sand on the beaches in the south. Stay tuned!


K8~ Born and raised on the DC Peninsula this wild one has the hunger for adventure & leaves a bag always packed. Thanks to friends (old & new) she gets her arm twisted into adventures, and as always looks forward to it by any means possible. K8 appreciates art & food by locals she crosses paths with and has no fear of accepting food from strangers with a good vibe.  Her Subaru racks are always full and the backseat doesn’t exist. Bikes,yaks, skis, boards name it..she does it. It’s hard to catch her without a camera in hand and keeping a straight face.




KrateKraig ~ is a Fat-Bike evangelist who has let countless strangers take a spin on his Mukluk. His inability to xc ski, after many years of trying, got him to Winter cycling, first with studded tires, then Fat-Biking as soon as Salsa released the Mukluk as a complete bike. He started out as a mountain biker in 1990 but also enjoys riding vintage Schwinn, Cyclocross, and even skinny tire road bikes. Self proclaimed “Slowest human on a bike” and has race results to prove it. KrateKraig also enjoys creating music, loves Mellotrons, Theremins and will attempt to play any strange cheap musical instrument he can find. When not on his Mukluk, he can be seen riding his ’69 Schwinn Apple Krate. (5 speed Stik-Shift Sting-Ray)



Toni Lund
 ~ Toni is from Paimio, Finland. His main interest is year-round adventure fatbiking, by doing usually short overnighters and sometimes a little longer outings. His passion is also outdoor photography which can be seen on his own blog at Toni is also a year-round bike commuter.










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