Rutland Cold Rolled 2023 (VT)

Rutland Cold Rolled Fatbike Festival is back! Presented by Sram and Fiddlehead Brewing, and hosted by Mountain Bike Vermont and Pine Hill Partnership in Rutland, Vermont, Cold Rolled offers a day of fat bike stoke on cold-rolled singletrack! On Sunday, February 12th, […]


What to Wear this Winter – by Greg Gentle

The snow is falling, the temperatures are dropping, and you’re wondering how to transition from fall to winter without freezing like Jack Nicholson in the final scene from The Shining. Everyone regulates differently, so take […]


2022 Fat Biker’s Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the Holiday Gift Guide with something for everyone that has a fat bike enthusiast on their holiday shopping list. This year, we surveyed our Bike Black Ribbon Society brain-trust for what they’d like […]

Bike Culture

Ice Swampin’ by Raoul Glute

As our sun-starved pallid bodies become reintroduced to the bright warm stranger in the sky, I’m compelled to recall a recent last bit o winter biking frolic. During my typical mid-February cabin fever-induced blues I […]

Bike Black Ribbon

Chasing the Last Snow

For the last dozen, or so, years, my wife, Bethany, and I, have been blessed to live with Bodhi, Cecil & Cowboy. Bodhi and Cecil are both gone now but Cowboy is still around. All […]


First Snow of Winter

We’re proud to welcome Nick Tryon to our staff of cycling adventurers. Nick is a former Royal Marine and lives on the West coast of Scotland. Nick loves all things outdoors and is one hell of a great photographer. […]


45NRTH Introduces New Cycling Handwear

Draugenklaw Drop-bar Pogies           Suggested Temperature Range: 15°F (-9°C) to 35°F (2°C) Draugenklaw Drop-Bar Pogies keep your hands warm and dry and allow for full use of brake and integrated shift levers on cold commutes, […]

Adventure Bikes

Rider Profile – Damian Drobyk

Damian Drobyk is a paramedic from Poland. He’s ridden his bike and traveled across six continents (66 countries). His expeditions have covered 100,000 kilometers and he’s climbed over 1,000,000 meters. The highest elevation that he’s […]


45NRTH Baklava Balaclava

We’ve been blessed with an extended visit from the Polar Vortex over the last ten days and I’ve been fortunate to have logged some time in temps below zero. That led me on a search […]

Beach Riding

Fat-Tribe Funskis

We’re back with another Faturday morning post featuring photos from our readers from all over the place. Let’s get right to it! My friend, David Tinnes, suggested I submit some pics to your site. Yesterday’s […]


Alaska Glacier Guide from Renaissance Cyclist

Editor’s Note: I almost met Cameron Sanders, aka Renaissance Cyclist at this year’s Talkeetna Trio Fat Bike World Championships. I remember riding by his group at the top of the first big climb and thinking […]


Tuesday Night at the Movies – Blue

The fat bike film, Blue is now available for sharing with friends, family, fellow fat bike enthusiasts, neighbors and all the lovely ladies in your life. The short film was directed by Aly Palmer Nicklas. […]


Wallpaper Wednesday – Legends

ITI Champion John Lackey sent us this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday featured photograph. When one ITI Champ takes a photo of another ITI Champ we believe that’s a pretty good recipe for something legendary. Here’s a shot of […]