2022 Fat Biker’s Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the Holiday Gift Guide with something for everyone that has a fat bike enthusiast on their holiday shopping list. This year, we surveyed our Bike Black Ribbon Society brain-trust for what they’d like to see under the tree and researched diverse and creative gifting solutions for months on end. We started working on the old Gift Guide last August. Every company puts out its own Holiday Gift Guide which is really just a sale flyer. Our list is a true gift guide with especially dreamy gifts curated by fat bikers with dozens of years behind bars. Hippy-Holly-Daze!

Life Behind Bars – Klunkedelic Flashback

Give the gift that’ll let their freak flag fly with a nice wide titanium Tie-die Rainbow Roam Riser bar or the (moto-af) titanium Rover handlebar from Berm Cycle –

Drinky Drank

Take your holiday cheer to the trail or Bring the gnogg along for the ride. Coffee, Tea, Whiskey, or maybe even absinthe are all possible with High Camp Flasks – $50 to $150 –

Groovy Ride Pants


Do you have a fat biker/cat fancier on your holiday shopping list? Check these things out right meow! Inspired by performance, functionality, and contemporary design. Let the fat bike / cat fancier take a ride on the wild side with these bold Leopard MTB Gravity Pants. Made from water-resistant 4-way stretch fabric that’s breathable and soft, the gravity pants are comfortable and durable – $152.00 USD –

Perhaps a more practical approach to pants…

Gostwear Big Bill Merino Wool Pantalones

I’ve got an old pair of Swobo wool knickers that are simply one of my favorite things to wear over a pair of ride bibs in the winter. I don’t think Swobo is around anymore so I’m always looking for something similar. Gostwear is a hunting apparel company that offers a few options for wool trousers and overalls along with these Merino pants that they call Big Bill. These Merino Wool Pants are made in Canada and are available for $120 Hem them long with a boot cut or three-quarter length. – Check them out at

For the Longbeards

The Esker Cycles Ti Walden would make just about any fat bike aficionado purr with delight. Tim tells us that the Walden is in stock, and available now.  $2,300 for the frame including headset, seatpost collar, dropouts, and axle.

For more information visit – Esker Cycles – Built for the Backcountry

For the Retrogrouch

Do you have a rider on your gift list with ‘Steel is Real’ tattooed on their forearm? Well, the Otso Arctodus would look pretty good under their tree this year. The new Arctodus has the ability to rock Fatimus Maximus and the Arctodus is offered in (bamf) Black or Blue. Otso Cycles ~$3,050 –

Sock it to me

Socks are something of an obsession for this merry elf. I’m on a lifelong journey to discover the finest cushiest, warmest pair of men’s adventure hosiery and my current champion is from Darn Tough Vermont Socks. The Men’s Mountaineering Micro Crew Heavyweight Hiking Sock is my sock of choice. It also comes in an over-the-calf version if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s a thirty-dollar pair of socks…and well worth the money! –

Your Bike Conveyance

The best Hitch racks available are made in Dickyville Wisconsin by a company called 1UpUSA. If you’ve built your dream fat bike up and you need to transport that color-coordinated purple Anno, carbon wheeled, feather-light, bicycle contraption to the trails. You should be transporting that precious cargo with a rack that’s as well-designed and built with similar quality as your bike. For many of our contributors and me, our bicycle conveyance of choice comes from 1UpUSA.

Gain full access to the back of your vehicle with a Rak Attach

Here at the fat dash bike dot com test bunker, we trust all of our high-end bicycle demos and Ten Beers to the EqipD Double rack and I know a ton of people that run the heavy duty. When I see a 1UpUSA Rack on a car, I always think “there are some riders that know what’s up”.

Any hitch rack owner would love a Rak Attach 2.0 to swing their bikes out of the way and gain full access to the back door of their vehicle. Who doesn’t love a good tailgate picnic? 1Up has a new updated version of their solidly constructed rack swivel that I’ve been running for the past couple of years. The Rak Attach 2.0 goes for $509 –

SNEAKERS for the rider and the bike

The most powerful studded tires on the planet

45NRTH has the best one-two punch combination when it comes to boots and tires for the fat biker on your holiday shopping list. The Wrathlorde studded fat bike tire rocks 300 XL concave tungsten carbide studs for the best traction inducing grip on the planet. These things are unreal! – $300 –

The 45NRTH Wolfgar boots are the warmest cycling boot on the market. I’ve personally tested a pair of these (boot within a boot) winter cycling slippers and recommend them for the folks that have a hard time keeping their toes warm. – $495 –

Let there be LIGHT

Made in the USA – Outbound Lighting MOUNTAIN BIKE LIGHT SYSTEM

I’ve experienced the better, more usable light that the Outbound Lighting provides firsthand, a few weeks ago.  – This is the ultimate mountain bike light setup. The Hangover helmet light and the newly updated Hangover helmet light on your bike helmet gives a wide but punchy light throw that with their powers combined, creates the Evo Downhill Package.  Both lights are intentionally designed from the ground up to work together, so one doesn’t overpower the other and the entire trail is illuminated seamlessly, providing a comprehensive and cohesive trail-riding lighting solution. I likened the experience to riding with the lights on my Toyota Tacoma.

The Hangover bike helmet light provides over 90 minutes of strong output, with the ability to USB speed-charge on the go while only weighing 100 grams. The waterproof USB-C quick charge 3.0 is included as standard. Both the Hangover ($125) and the Evo Downhill Package ($365) are available at

Let’s Get Crazy

We like to support ‘Crazy’ in all of its forms and Velo Orange has a handlebar that they call the Crazy Bar. We say crazy like a fox or maybe crazy as a gnome! Is there somebody on your gift list that talks about multiple hand positions and bar sweep all of the time? This could be their kind of crazy! Crazy comes in Black or Silver for $109 –


Our apparel Editor, Greg Gentle has a winter clothing guide coming out on Friday, which is a great source for all of the layers that winter cyclists like to talk about. Multiple members of our inner circle of product testers simply replied to our holiday gift guide questions with the word ‘wool’. Merino wool, Alpaca Wool and Yak Wool all live in my wardrobe. The one piece that I don’t have is a merino wool neck gaitor.

The one and only Surly Bikes sell solid, no-frills merino wool socks, hats, scarves, jerseys and a totally fetch neck gaiter – $35 –

HED Made in MN Fat Bike Wheelset

I’ve been lucky enough to have ridden HED single-layer carbon wheels since they were released about ten years ago. If you want to give the fat-biker on your gift list the equivalent of a turbocharger for their bike, a set of HED Carbon fat bike wheels is a great place to start.

If you’re seeking the lightest set of carbon wheels in the universe for your fat bike, HED, Berd, and Onyx Racing team up to make the Made in MN Wheelset. I’m currently running these wheels and they frigg’n rock!

More Info – $2,000 to $3,600

I hope that you found something unique and wonderful that inspires you to delight the fat biker on your gift list during this glorious holiday season! We wish you all the very best of holiday delight from now until the New Year! – 2023! ~ g

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