Enzo’s Button Hole Chamois Cream

I ran out of chamois cream about a month back. So (like any good ‘merican) I took to the interwebs to shop for a new tub of grundle butter. I was a bit shocked by the explosion of new brands available. I scrolled and scrolled through all of the choices and decided to lay a bet down on an eight-ounce tub of Enzo’s Button Hole Chamois Cream.

I watched this YouTube rant about how to apply chamois cream. Full disclosure – I might be guilty of this myself, but I guess that I’ve tried to be way more discrete (nothing like the video). But now I’ve decided to change my ways and I’ve been applying the Button Hole directly to the sit-spots of my ride shorts before wearing them. That seems to work just as well (without the spectacle).

The first thing that I noticed about Buttonhole right after I opened the jar was the smell. Enzo must like Thin Mints because it reminded me of my favorite Girl Scout Cookies. It smells good. The viscosity of the cream is firmer than pudding and looser than cream cheese. Kind of like a fresh can of Spackle…In other words, just right! There’s a mild mentholated aspect to the cream. Button Hole has been great at keeping me comfortable for rides up to three-plus hours these past few weeks. It got me through hot summer gravel rides and the great flood of Acorn Squatch out at Levis Mound last week. If push came to shove, I’d probably buy another tub from that mad cat Enzo.

For more information visit – https://enzoscyclingproducts.com/

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  1. What a great video ????
    The guys I bike packed with this past week could learn a thing or two from that.

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