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Wallpaper Wednesday – Lunar New Year

Kevin Noel shared a shot from a New Year’s Day ride from Colorado with twenty-seven fat bikers joining in the fun! That’s quite a lineup! We sent him some stickers and he said that he’d send us some of his stickers in return. I like getting good old-fashioned mail that is not a bill or […]

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Foto Gordo – Serpiente de Nieve

Jake the Snake has sent us a series of black carbon fatties over the last decade. The latest is a drop bar version. I love riding drop bar bikes but I’ve never been comfortable enough with them to truly shred the gnar on one. I’m sure that it can be done, but give me a […]

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Fat Tribe Thursday – Winter ’23 – Vermont – UK – Utah – CHI – IL – New Hampshire

Fat-Tribe Thursday is back to support the age-old, adage that one picture says a thousand words! All of you have been so awesome with sharing your photos of fat-bike fun, we decided it was ‘high time’ that we post some of them to show the entire, fat-bike tribe! We start off on the East Coast ( of […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Shelltrack Centerfold

I shot this photo of a Rocky Mountain Blizzard C50 before the Shelltrack race up on the beach in Manitowoc. That’s Greg Hahn over on the other side of Silver Creek providing some grit and perspective on his Pugsley. We both took to the beach between races like a couple of seagulls! Feel free to […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Ice Bar

Kenneth Johansen sent us a series of photos of his Salsa fatty at the Sorrisniva Ice Hotel in Norway. Shots of chilled vodka for everyone! #sorrisniva #icehotel #alta #norway #salsabeargrease Feel free to download this image and use it as your own wallpaper. Just click on the image to open the full-sized version which you can right-click […]

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moots forager ti

Wallpaper Wednesday – Olso Underground

George Trevis is an English bloke living in Oslo Norway that I contacted about this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday. I have a lifelong passion for photography and his image really grabbed my attention. Bike in photo: Surly Moonlander with 4.8 Surly Lou 26:4.8 on clown shoe rims. Running low tyre pressure for the deep powdery snow. […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – El Duderino

The Dude! aka Mike Ashby – Or maybe El Duderino sent us a gorgeous shot that might be a first for Wallpaper Wednesday. A wallpaper with a fat bike that’s fully cloaked! The Dude describes his portrait as “Couple years back (in) Bend Ore. – Groomers@Wanoga – All thanks to Gary Meyer and the Groom […]

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jason durek ndak1-3

Wallpaper Wednesday – NoDak

Our long-time amigo Jason Durick sent in a painted sky portrait of his fatty from NoDak. Jason shared, “Here’s a shot of my Borealis taken today at Wildwood Park which is located near Columbus, ND.” That’s all it takes to be featured on Wallpaper Wednesday. A little bike porn for your computer screen back home […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Eleven Year Anniversary

It’s the eleventh anniversary of our Wallpaper Wednesday Column! To celebrate, we’ve gathered the wallpaper images that we’ve shared over the years on or around the middle of November of each year along the way. 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 Today’s Wallpaper comes to us from Jim Fisher […]

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Foto Gordo moots forager

Foto Gordo – Porky Point

We managed to make it through another week of product testing and writing stories about fat bikes. The photo above was taken at Levis Mounds on the Porky Point Trail. For some reason, I don’t ride Porky Point very often. It’s really close to the trailhead and gives you the feel of being all the […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Full Suspension Fat

Justin Pare is back with his second Wallpaper Wednesday feature from the Kingdom Trails in Vermont. The shot features JP’s Foes Racing Mutz full-suspension fat bike with a Wren Inverted suspension fork. It looks like Justin has mastered the art of the random stick lean. Nobody loves a good stick lean more than your tio […]

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wallpaper r

Wallpaper Wednesday – Switchback

Today’s subject for Wallpaper Wednesday is from, well…me. The picture was taken maybe halfway up and down Switchback at Levis. That sweet sliver of watermelon sugar is a Rocky Mountain Blizzard C50 rocking a Wren Sports inverted suspension fork. If you look closely, you’ll spy the ‘sex-mullet’ wheel setup. The deep-v Borealis Carbondale rim is […]

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autumn in valdez

Wallpaper Wednesday – Autumn in Valdez Part 3

Today we’re stoked to share the third in a series of four images from Rich Loftin that capture Autumn in Valdez, Alaska. Rich is an incredible photographer! You can look forward to weeks of some of the best Wallpaper images we’ve been fortunate enough to share with all of you! I edit a gnome-ton of photos and […]

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David Briggeman-2

Foto Gordo – Kansas Backroads

Foto Gordo posts from Kansas two weeks in a row? What’s the world coming too? Do you smell some sort of fat bike conspiracy? And what about that seat? Is that secret alien technology? Today’s shot comes to us from David Briggeman. I asked David about his saddle and this is what he typed into […]

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Foto Gordo – Say cheese Kaiser!

Happy Fat Friday Amigos! Today’s Foto Gordo comes from Andrew Kraft out in Emporia Kansas! The shot features his Salsa mid-tail sport wagon and his dog, Kaiser! Check out the sweet Cedaero bags! It’s the best time of year to get on the bike and ride for a couple of hours. The air is crisp […]

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Justin Pare-2

Wallpaper Wednesday – New Hampshire Summer

Summer always saves its best for the last three glorious weeks in September. This week’s WW comes to us from Justin Pare. He sent a series of photos ranging from…” oh crud, I took the studded tires off too soon”  (we’ve all been there) To an early dirt road mudfest on the Borealis..followed up with […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Lake Byllesby

Dan Funke sent us this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday from the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. We asked Dan some questions about the shot in sort of a rip-off of Adam Blake’s lightning round. (cue the thunder sound effect) Q – Can you share the location of the beach shot? A – The beach shot is […]

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Foto Gordo – Nova Scotia

Don Ervin sent us some captivating shots of his Kona Wo that he described as “Springtime in Nova Scotia”. The Atlantic Provinces of Canada look like a fat bike paradise! It looks like we all managed to make it through another Summer. Some really cool things are on the horizon like Summer Squatch and Singlespped […]

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wallpaper wednesday -

Wallpaper Wednesday – Coffee Powered!

This week’s Wallpaper Wednesday feature is from Gary Mikulski, aka – Coffee Powered Cyclist! This is a shot from a trip to Maine. Here’s the story behind the photograph in his own words, n’stuff… Maine 2022 Day 5: “The Queen Stage” of our vacation. Today we headed across the border into Gorham, New Hampshire and […]

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wallpaper wednesday -

Foto Gordo – Maah Daah Hey 100

Dan Campion sent us some shots from this year’s Maah Daah Hey 100. When it rains, the Maah Daah Hey’s Bentonite Clay singletrack turns to glue. Unfortunately for Dan, this year’s race was cut short due to rain. The Mah Daah Hey Trail is a bucket list trail for any mountain biker when it’s dry. […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Lake Superior

Here’s a flashback to what I was riding a decade ago. Here’s my Surly Moonlander all loaded for a three-day bikepacking trip in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. You can see more from that trip in a two-part series in the links below. Lake Superior Fat-Pack Part 1 – Lake Superior Fat-Pack Part 2 […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Summittoppler

Jeff Price aka Summittoppler shares his bike life with us in videos and poignant reviews from his home in Wales and I think they’re some of the best stories on On Jeff’s last trip he captured some really outstanding still photos and today we’re proud to feature Jeff’s portrait of his Salsa Bucksaw with […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Down by the River

Josh Busch sent in this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday. Josh shot some photos of his Battkeship Grey Surly at the Minnesota State Recreation area near Jordan, Minnesota just last week! Way to answer the call, Josh! We sent Josh some fancy new stickers for his effort. Where do you stand on Fat Bike Fun? Feel free […]

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Foto Gordo – Le Tour de Gnome

Lode Crommen sent us a shot of his fatty and dog out hunting beach gnomes in Belgium. It’s almost the dog days of summer…so go jump in the lake! Sticker it Forward How do you like the new sticker and jersey design? If you’d like some stickers for you…your ride buddies…or maybe the bartender with […]

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wallpaper wednesday -

Wallpaper Wednesday – Long Island

I took this shot of the Fezzari King’s Peak demo that I’ve been rolling around on lately. I’ve been completely immersing my saddle time into the last couple of test bikes. Ten Beers hasn’t gotten ridden all Spring or yet this Summer. The shot was taken up on the beach along Lake Superior. There’s a […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Summittoppler

Today’s Wallpaper Wednesday comes to us from our fat bike brother from Wales, the Summittoppler, Jeff Price. It’s a shot of his Salsa Bucksaw at an event called FatFOD hosted by Graham Foot of Smokestone bikes. HUZZAH! to all of you cats for holding a fat bike shin-dig and sharing it with us! Feel free […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Nose Hill Park

It is truly a rare happenstance when we get a Wallpaper Wednesday submission that comes close to adhering to the instructions that Sven wrote many moons ago. It’s no big deal. We encourage individuality but I can also totally appreciate this sort of organized chaos. Brad Struble sent in today’s WW and this dude just […]

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tom ice foto gordo

Foto Gordo – Tom Ice

Is there a better fat bike name than Tom Ice? I think not. Tom sent us a shot of his bike from last winter in Colorado and I love nothing more than to exploit the contrast between a hot sunny summer day with a cold crisp winter portrait of a fat bike in the Colorado […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – East Coast Strut

This week’s Wallpaper Wednesday comes to us from Scot Pepper out in Massachusetts! look at all of those cargo zits on that fatty! Feel free to download this image and use it as your own wallpaper. Just click on the image to open the full-sized version which you can right-click to save. Got your own Wallpaper […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Oregon Timber Trail

Jeff Shamansky sent in a shot of his singlespeed Fatback set up for some bikepacking on the Oregon Timber Trail. Jeff runs 4.5 Juggernauts on Atomik Patty’s rims in the summer. The gnomes down in the mailroom sent Jeff a fist full of stickers and if you play your pixels correctly, you could be next. […]

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wallpaper wednesday

Wallpaper Wednesday – NiteRider

Trevor Sowers is the man behind the lens for today’s Wallpaper Wednesday feature photograph. Trevor is based on the North Coast of British Columbia. If you’d like to see more of his photography check out his – Flickr Page. Feel free to download this image and use it as your own wallpaper. Just click on the […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Winter Park

Mike Tey sent in some pictures of his Mukluk in Winter Park, Colorado and we sent him some sweet stickers! It’s what we’ve coined the sticker boondoggle. All part of the fat bike love here at the home of fat-bike-fun! Feel free to download this image and use it as your own wallpaper. Just click on […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – Stormy Skies

Jake Meadley sent us a shot from Western Australia for today’s Wallpaper Wednesday. This week is the Australian Fat Bike National Championships in Broome. Good luck to all of our amigos toeing the line! Here;’s what Jake shared about his photo. This is my Salted Sandfly. Out for a ride on a stormy day along […]

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