Wallpaper Wednesday – Olso Underground

George Trevis is an English bloke living in Oslo Norway that I contacted about this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday. I have a lifelong passion for photography and his image really grabbed my attention.

Bike in photo: Surly Moonlander with 4.8 Surly Lou 26:4.8 on clown shoe rims. Running low tyre pressure for the deep powdery snow.

Location: photo was taken in Oslo, Norway along the Akerselva river returning back to the suburbs of Grünerløkka.  This was my first fatbike trip of the winter season in the fresh snow testing out my new 49nrth wolfgar winter boots. The photo was part of a series of street art and fatbike snaps along the river on a short day trip. The city scape in Oslo is beautiful and lit with the combination of underground and overground luminescence with the soft glow of ambient light from the snow keeping the light from fading to fast.  The photo was taken in mid-December ’22 on a short trip up the river to test the fatty on the newly fallen snow.

George Trevis

Follow George on Instagram – @georges_norway or Follow his journey with “Rocky” his 4motion VW buddy for a ride you’ll never forget! at

I’m not very fickle with my desktop image but it’s almost always an image that has appeared in our WW Column. I might change it two or three times a year. I feel like the image that’s up there has to get knocked off by something pretty spectacular. This week’s portrait is what’s up on my screen till something new catches my imagination.

Feel free to download this image and use it as your own wallpaper. Just click on the image to open the full-sized version which you can right-click to save.

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