First Look – AEKO – ZIRCULUM 90 Wheelset

AEKO is an Italian Bicycle company founded by Paolo Azzolini. They make some pretty incredible bikes and Paolo was an early adopter of fat bikes in Italy. The Zirculum carbon rims caught my attention several years back and every now and then, Paolo and I would trade emails about how things were going. We talked about reviewing a set of their wheels but it didn’t work out for quite a few years. Late in 2022 Paolo emailed me and said that he was sending us a set of wheels to test. We worked out the spec’s that would ensure that they fit on my bike Ten Beers (and most modern fat bikes with thru axels) and last week, the Italian Postal Service shook hands with the US Postal Service and delivered a rather large (and moderately battered) wheel box to our door. […]

B-Fat (27.5 Fat)

One Year with a HED Made in MN Wheelset

One year ago I unboxed a set of super-light wheels from three Minnesota companies that are collaborating together to create the HED Made in MN Wheelset. At nineteen hundred and seventy-three grams, I declared them […]


Reserve Fillmore Valve Field Test

I’ve been running some new Fillmore tubeless valves since Sea Otter and today’s post is about sharing a report on how these valves deliver on their claimed benefits. The video at the top of the […]

B-Fat (27.5 Fat)

Fatback Big Su Carbon Wheel Review

A quality Carbon Fiber Wheelset can significantly improve the ride feel of a fat-bike. Reducing rotational mass on a fat-bike is more important than say on a road bike because of the size (and weight) […]

B-Fat (27.5 Fat)

Cantu Rumble Wheelset Review by Adam Blake

An immediate difference… that’s what I noticed after installing the Cantu Rumble wheelset on my Salsa Cycles Beargease.  The question was: what was I noticing? In my initial Cantu review, I touched on the fact […]


Fatback Big Su Review

[adrotate banner=”192″]   Back in September, we spotlighted the Fatback Big Su Wheelset and after a couple months of gnome roping, we’re back with a full review. I’ve been running the Big Su’s on my […]


Blackjack Bikes Fate Review

[adrotate banner=”182″] Back in July, I began testing my Amigo Jack’s new Blackjack Fate. We published a first look about the Fate in August – I pursued this review to see if an open mold, […]


Otis Turns Two – Fatback Review – The extended club version

 Otis’s Story Timeline 12/25/2013 – Otis’s Introduction and Naming – 12/25/2014 – Otis Turns One – 2/5/2015 – Otis Gets Pimped – 6/18/2015 – Otis’s Pimped Parts Review – That brings us to today and […]