Fatback Big Su 27.5 Wheelset

We’re field testing a pair of solid, lightweight Big Su 27.5 wheels from our amigos at Fatback Bikes up in Alaska. We tested and reviewed the 26″ version of Fatback’s Big Su Wheels back in 2018. You can read how they performed here. The twenty-six inch set of big su’s received high scores so when it came time to test the new 45NRTH Tan Helga 27.5 tires, we couldn’t think of a better choice than the 27.5 Big Su rims laced to Fatback’s Alaska Edition hubs.

It’s Fatter by the Lake

Our demo set of wheels came pre-taped and with a set of tubeless valves installed – 100% tubeless-ready. I mounted a set of 45NRTH Tan Helga test tires dry (no sealant) and set the beads on the first shot using the shop air compressor. It reminded me of the phrase ‘automatic for the people’. Big Su delivers tubeless tire set-up the first time – every time. Of course, the tires and sealant all work together with the rim to keep things rolling air-tight(ish). I did add sealant through the valve before I rode them. I’ve heard stories about people riding tubeless set-ups dry, but not me.

Hugh Jass Race on the Big Su Wheels (photo by Bethany Raven)

The wheels weighed in at 1272 g for the front and 1447 g for the rear wheel. These things as light or lighter than a lot of wheels with double-wall carbon fiber rims and feel nice and stiff when you apply the wattage – like when you’re racing in a leisure suit!

Fatback’s Alaska Edition Hubs feature EZO Japanese bearings with arctic temp grease for minimal rolling resistance and a 6 pawl design with 72 points of engagement. That translates into increased cold-weather performance with faster engagement.

The Big Su 27.5 Wheels strikes a very pleasant note between being light, stiff and easy to set up tubeless. The MSRP for the wheelset as tested (without the tires) is $750. We’ll be roll’n these B-fatties through the winter testing out all the new sneakers that come through the shop. Look for a long term review somewhere down the trail amigos.

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3 Responses to Fatback Big Su 27.5 Wheelset

  1. Clint February 18, 2020 at 3:46 pm #

    Sick helmet Gomez 😉

  2. Paul March 27, 2021 at 3:56 pm #

    I would’ve liked to hear a riding comparison from the 26” vs 27.5” since you’ve reviewed both. How does rolling on flat ground at high speeds compare, climbing snow-packed hills, descending, riding on fresh snow, accelerating, rolling over roots? Cool, but not much info for those who ride.