Old Man Mountain Racks Reveals New Prototypes – by Greg Gentle

Old Man Mountain Racks is showing off two new prototypes at Eurobike that they say are almost ready for production. First is what they are calling the Axle Pack. The Axle Pack mounts to their Fit Kits to add 3-pack mounts to any fork. If you’ve tried the old zip-tie or clamp system on a fork you know this will be a game changer for those of us with forks lacking mounting eyelets.

Some of the claimed benefits are the ability to add 3-pack mounts to any fork, no matter the shape or taper. Because it is fixed to the axle it cannot spin or slip like strap-based mounts. While most 3-pack mounts are limited to 1.5kg each, the Axle Pack can carry 10kg without worrying about damaging your bike. 

Old Man Mountain says they are working on moving it from prototype to production and hope to have them available this year.

Now the next prototype they had on display is the FLIP Cage. We’re told this cargo cage with a quick locking mechanism is built with rough trails and potholes in mind. They set out to design this with three main goals, no rattling, quick detach bags, and usable as a cargo cage when not using quick detach bags.

While this version on display is 3D printed the final version will be injection molded. The bag on display is also a garage-made prototype that they assure us will have a fit and finish to match their new panniers. Old Man Mountain promised us some samples to show off by the end of August. If so, expect to see them at Acorn Squatch at Levis Mounds next fall.

They’ve also said they don’t intend to keep the FLIP mechanism for themselves. So, if you’re a bag maker looking to add a quick locking mechanism to your bags, Old Man Mountain would love to talk with you.

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