Panorama Cycles is launching its latest model, the Torngat Ti,

I reviewed the steel version of the Panorama Cycles Torgat last winter and they’ve just announced that they’ve come out with a Titanium version with a unique two Q-Factor setup. Their press release is below along with some photos of the new Ti Fatty.

Panorama Cycles releases the Torngat Ti, their first titanium fat bike designed with 2 Q-factor configurations to ride all year round.

When we started Panorama Cycles back in 2016, the first bikes we designed were actually fat bikes. With now more than 7 years offering these types of bikes in the cycling industry, it is safe to say we have accumulated a fair amount of expertise on the wide tire bike market. We are very proud to announce our first titanium fat bike, designed to ride both in the summer and the winter thanks to a 2 options Q-factor (the distance between the crank arms) configuration.

Based on the field experience of our clients, we noticed that one of the biggest drawbacks from using this type of bike for longer rides or in the summer was the knee pain it could provoke due to the wide Q-factor. To cope with this problem, we’ve designed our Torngat Ti frame with two possible configurations, i.e. two crankset axles of different length that will be provided with the bike.

This combination makes the Torngat Ti very versatile, offering different types of use:

  • As a regular fatbike with a standard fatbike crankset (205mm Q-factor) to fit the widest 27.5’’x4.5’’ tires on the market,
  • as a fatbike with 27.5’’x4’’ tires and a more ergonomic Q-factor of 185 mm,
  • as an hardtail mountain bike or do-almost-anything bike with 27.5’’x4’’ or 29’’x3’’ tires and the 185 mm Q-factor crankset offering a comfortable pedaling stance.

Choosing titanium enabled us to achieve the desired frame design, while benefiting from this material’s properties of lightness and strength.

‘’The challenge with this bike design was to have enough clearance for the widest tires on the market, but also to fit a narrow q-factor crank’’ as explained by Simon Bergeon, founder of Panorama Cycles and former engineer. ‘’The bottom bracket area, the rear wheel spacing as well as the shaping of the chainstays and seatstays were the key design elements to make this happen.  The Torngat Ti is possibly the only fatbike on the market that offers two spindle lengths, so our customers can adjust the Q-factor on their bike based on their tire choice. All in all, this was a challenging design, but the outcome is making us very excited.’’

‘’With loads of bikepacking potential, we designed our Torngat Ti to offer a smooth ride quality on the trails, but also to tackle any type of adventure that could require wide tires.’’ as explains Louise Philipovitch, communication manager at Panorama Cycles and ultra-distance enthusiast.

‘’At Panorama, we go against the established N+1 culture in the bike industry by offering quality bikes that last over time. And that’s what the new Torngat Ti is about : a versatile, durable model that can be used for almost any type of adventures.’’ she says.

The Torngat Ti is available in pre-sale as of now through our network of retailers and our website at The price for the frameset with a carbon fork is 3,599 CAD, and the complete bike starts at 5,594 CAD.

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  1. Allroy September 6, 2023 at 5:15 pm #

    Beautiful! Nice to see a true 4season fat bike! I checked out the specs and it can do every possible combination of build. Well done. 😀

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