Fresh from the Show Floor – Interbike 2016

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Direct from the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, we have all of the freshest fat and plus bike hotness for y’all! I was going to try to separate the plus from the fat, but there’s a lot of cross-over. I saw fat-bikes that were designed to run plus and even one plus-bike that can run, almost fat. We even saw a production fat-bike that can handle a 5.05″ tire front and rear! So we’ve co-mingled our plus and fat-bike coverage for the ultimate bicycle blend. I recommend you get a beverage and enjoy the scroll!


Lake has a new winter boot that looks pretty $$$weet.


The Apache Fatty Slick from Vee Tire Co. along with their complete line of Fat-Bike Tires


Maxxis pared down their fat and plus bike tires. F&R Specific Tread Patterns and Dayglo Lettering (get a can of black cover-up for those logos)


Schwalbe Plus and Fat Sneakers. I think they should name the tire on the far left – The Tickler. Alex from RSD was singing the praises of the B+ Nobby Nicks for singletrack.


Terrene Tires with our Amigo Tim Krueger in the background. I got to ride both of their new tires and both of them are going to be winners! We’ll be putting these tires through the ringer and have a full review coming soon.


Kenda’s Plus Bike treads for ’17 – On the fat side they’re sticking with their Juggernaut.

interbike-2016-show-floor-2011-of-47Lauf won an Interbike Award for their Carboara Fork


I ran into Jeff Jones and rode his gorgeous new 29+ on the carpeting at the show. Jeff’s new rig bucks the trend on shortening the wheelbase on plus bikes. Look for an interview with Jeff coming up on Fat Camp for all of the details.


RSD has a brand new 27.5+ Dual Suspension Bike Called the Wildcat.


The mayor had his cainstays let out slightly and can now handle Vee Tire’s Snowshoe 2XL 5.05″ Tire front and rear. Our amigo, Puck should freak’n love this color.


The 2017 Sergeant is a B+ hardtail that can run tires as wide as 3.8″. So you can run 27.5 or 26 x 3.8’s


QBP’s booth had the new Krampus and Hipster Royalty. I noticed that there wasn’t anything from 45NRTH in the Q booth. That gave me pause to wonder.


I spied this 100mm double wall carbon rim from Whiskey Parts in the Q Booth


Let’s all go to the bar! The Renthal Fatbar


This one is for all of our fat-bike homies in the UK


High Class Bar(s) by Thomson


After the Bar I went sledding. Why not take the kids along?


Revelate has several new tweeks to their line that come from riders like Lael Wilcox, that spend their lives living off of their bikes.


Revelate’s New Waterproof Bag (fully submersible)


New straps like we featured on our Gnome-Proof Gear series, Pogies and the revolutionary Wampack from Revelate.


Advocate Cycles has a brand new 27.5+ Bikepacking Specific Hardtail called the Seldom Seen



The Advocate Hayduke – One sweet ride!


The Otso Voytek is the Bike that does it all. Perhaps the third generation in Omni-Terrain evolution.


Pivot B+ Hardtail


Ellsworth B+ Dually


Bianchi even put their hat in the plus bike ring

interbike-2016-show-floor-2046-of-47 interbike-2016-show-floor-2045-of-47

We showed you the Marin Pine Mountain at the outdoor show, these are the High and low end of the range for the Pine Mountain.


Norco Has a new Kids Fatty


And a new Carbon Fatty (Deep Purple!)


Norco B+’s


Scott Fatty in the Yakima Booth


Look for roof top tents to go mainstream with Yakima jumping into the fray.


HED had a 24″ Peacock Groove fatty in their booth.


How about a brand new 60mm wide single wall carbon rim with Fat-B-Nimbles or Bonty Rougarou’s for Singletrack?


Or how about some carbon 27.5 rims for your plus bike shredder?


Or the full line of 26 and 27.5 fat bike wheels in both AL and Carbon. HED makes the best hoops for your fat-bike.


The Orbea Loki – Maybe the prettiest Plus Bike at the show…maybe


B+ Dually from Scott


Blackburn can outfit your bike from everything from spearfishing to gnome hunting.


The Blackburn wall of Racks


Rawland showed this drop bar + touring rig


This shot is for Sven. It’s the R+ from Why Cycles #roadplus


That’s all from Interbike this time around. I’ll leave you with Gnomes, Turtles, Unicorns and Tacos

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  1. Kickass to see that Rhino hiding under that Blackburn schwag. No Skookum FLT? Is Interbike going the way of mullets and acid wash jeans?

    • Zero Alaskan Bikes at Interbike. Don’t blame interbike….place the blame directly, where it belongs – Alaskan Bike Brands (made in china).

  2. Alaskans aren’t used to financial competition or any competition, coupled with the biggest economic downturn in state history. My guess is Alaskan bike companies are feeling the pain.

    Skookum looked awesome… but pivot beat it out of the chute, in a world of short stay carbon bikes the 907, corvus and to a certain extent the borealis bikes get drowned out in a sea of big brand bikes.

    I’m new role boutique bike companies but they survive off of niche development. 907 rumored a fs fatty, but it appears lamere completed a superior concept that actually came to be. We’re in the market for two high end bikes this winter. It would be great to support local, but for the price/feature set money will likely go elsewhere.

  3. Oh my!!! Once again Uncle Gomez shoot…..and he scores!!!’ Love this schtuff!!! Couple this with his photos from the outdoor demo and there’s lots of plus and fat goodness to love!!!

  4. Great coverage!

    I think it’s past time that we stop thinking of and labeling 24″ fat bikes as “kids’ bikes”. These bikes are a blessing for XS adults, and are finally becoming available with appropriate specs for an adult. The wheel height and stand over clearance is very comparable to an XS 26″ mountain bike. Anyone shorter than about 5’2″ (depending on leg length) should check fit and test ride a couple good quality 24″ fat bikes.

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