Ibex Lizzi Tights by Thumbelena

Buy Less, Buy Better. That is the moto at Ibex and I absolutely love it! All their wool comes from farms in Australia and New Zealand. The farms are regularly checked to ensure the sheep are treated with respect, and best practices are adopted for the protection of the land.

Fun fact: They specialize in wool apparel, but the company’s name is in reference to a breed of goat. Sheep are known to traverse mountains but apparently, these Ibex fellas take things up a notch. They can jump over 6 feet straight up without a running start! 

Leggings are probably my most frequently worn, favorite article of clothing. I’ve tried a laundry list of brands from a wide range of price points. Wool; also a fave of mine, but generally worn on the upper half of my body, until I met the Lizzi tights. These tights didn’t get me up 6’ rock faces (even with a running start), but I did feel quite nimble in them!

Technical Bits

Material: 71% Wool, 24% Nylon, 5% Elastane

Size: XS – XL 

Fit: Slim

Inseam: 28” for size medium

Color: Evergreen, Deep Ocean, Charcoal, Plum Pie, Black

Price: $190 USD


Unlike many other tights I’ve tried the Lizzis don’t sag or stretch out. Ibex uses the perfect blend of materials to still provide all the benefits we love of Merino; antibacterial, moisture-wicking, breathable, odor control, and thermoregulating, to name a few. With the added nylon and elastane you get some compression and can move in them all day, for multiple days without getting a baggy crotch or saggy butt. 

They are thicker than some tights, so every inch doesn’t lay perfectly, but I did not find myself fidgeting or adjusting them. I was between sizes and sized up so that could be Impacting the fit. Maybe I should have sized down. Anyone else always seem to be between sizes?? 

With them being a bit thicker I found them perfect for days in the 40° – 60° range. They’re warm without being heavy. Next season I will definitely be giving these a try on fatty rides. I think they’ll be clutch for spirited activities in high 20° – 30° temps as well!

Other than the perfect blend of materials another great feature is the side pockets. Both sides have one. They are perfectly placed to easily get items in or out, even while sitting.  A phone, keys, snack, or anything you can fit in your hand should fit perfectly.

Disclaimer: I intentionally photographed after a couple of days of wear so you may see some dirt or fur that latched on to these deeply pigmented purposeful-made tights.

Yayy!! Or Nayy…

From hiking to biking, running miles to running errands, these have become my shoulder weather go-to! They are a bit of an investment but well worth it. If I had to provide some constructive feedback I’d say a more gusseted inner thigh could provide even more comfort and fine-tuned fit, but as is they are still amazing in every way. 

To check out the line visit the Ibex website!

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