Wild Rye Gnarnia Glove – by Thumbelena

Wild rye is a hearty grass native to temperate and cool parts of the northern hemisphere so naturally, it became the perfect name for a company dedicated to crafting both beautiful AND technical mountain apparel for women-identifying individuals. 

Your apparel choices can make a ride downright miserable or absolutely glorious. Chamois and tops may take the spotlight most often, but gloves (especially in mountain biking) are just as important! The gnarnia gloves are Wild Rye’s first cold-weather option.

Technical Bits

  • Material: Shell – 88% nylon 12% spandex, Palm – 50% nylon 50% PU, Thumb + Liner – 100% polyester
  • Size: small, medium, large, x-large
  • Color: ginkgo jade, wild thing sea glass
  • Fit: Athletic
  • Price: $59 USD

Field Testing

The gnarnia glove is designed for biking but is much more versatile. I also used them while running and snowshoeing and they worked great for all activities. The cozy yet nimble microfleece lining has turned them into a cold but not frigid weather (very scientific scale, I know) “go-to” for me. 

 If I had to put a number on it, I’d say a temp range for pristine function is 35 – 45F. Not to say you can’t wear them in 30 or 50 degrees. The gloves can still be great, just depends on how hot/cold you naturally are and your level of tolerance. I personally run on the cold side and do not tolerate being cold well, so that is something to keep in mind. Someone who is generally hotter may think these gloves are too much for 45 degrees and likes them when it’s below freezing. 

The top of the glove has a lovely pattern to esthetically please and is made of water/wind resistant material. Combined with a long wrist cuff and tight-fitting velcro closure sealing out the elements is a breeze. 

I love how the palms have a fun gripper detail and no padding. While padding sounds like it would provide extra comfort, I’ve found that it can concentrate the pressure on one spot and cause numbness in my fingers.

For the picturesque views you frequently find while exploring nature, the touch screen compatible thumb and forefingers work fantastic!  

One last thing to mention which isn’t so pretty but is part of cold weather activities is the added snot wipe along the top of the thumb area. It’s not very ladylike, yet it happens. Better to have a way to deal with it than to have to sniffle every 5 seconds.

Yayy!! Or Nayy…

Yayy!! 4.5/5 stars. The gnarnia glove keeps you comfortable while staying active through the colder months but doesn’t force you to compromise on dexterity. Aside from phenomenal functionality the fun arboreal pattern will brighten the gloomiest of days!

PS – If you’re a hard sell and still aren’t convinced, check out Wild Rye’s Women-Led Wednesday initiative or their partnership with SheJumps. Empowering women is a high priority for this company. On top of that, they also are very intentional with the manufacturing of their garments and make sure to do so in a sustainable way. 

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