Wallpaper Wednesday – ¡Kid Dolomite!

Today’s Wallpaper Wednesday comes to us from Stefano Boem. This is what Stefano shared about his photograph. Here is another picture I snapped at the Summit of monte Specie, Italian Dolomiti, 2350 mt: you can […]


Wallpaper Wednesday – El Duderino Returns

El Duderino wants to wish everyone a Happy Intergalactic Groomer Appreciation Day. (Wallpaper Wednesday). It took me a second to see the bike. A groomed trail in an arboreal paradise, cloaked with snow and bathed […]


Wallpaper Wednesday – Gibby Kirwan

Here’s a great submission from Gibby Kirwan. It’s Wallpaper Wednesday (all day long) up in here. A rare opportunity for a snow ride in Western Germany. This is my Specialized Fatboy Trail Pro on a […]


Foto Gordo – Farley Nueve

I took this shot of our Trek Farley 9 demo bike all loaded up with no place to go a couple of weeks back. It’s today’s Foto Gordo offering. If you’re the adventurous type check […]

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Wallpaper Wednesday – The Dude

This week’s Wallpaper Wednesday comes to us from The Dude, His Dudeness, or, uh, Duder, or maybe El Duderino, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing. This is what he shared about his WW […]


Wallpaper Wednesday – Rocky Hallows

This week’s Wallpaper Wednesday comes to us from a caballero called Rocky Hallows. This is what he shared about his WW Portrait – “I’ve attached a photo that I took on a ride from this […]


Wallpaper Wednesday – Basswood Island

Today’s Wallpaper Wednesday comes to us from Bayfield County, Wisconsin. I met the photographer, John Murphy on a trip up to Bayfield last year. John hosts some interesting adventures up that way and he keeps […]


Wallpaper Wednesday 2823

Hud Darrah sent in some photos of his singlespeed Why Cycles Big Iron from Cheyenne Wyoming! Here’s what they had to say about their opus. The photos are from a recent trip to Soapstone Prairie […]


Wallpaper Wednesday – Ice Bar

Kenneth Johansen sent us a series of photos of his Salsa fatty at the Sorrisniva Ice Hotel in Norway. Shots of chilled vodka for everyone! #sorrisniva #icehotel #alta #norway #salsabeargrease Feel free to download this image […]


Wallpaper Wednesday – Olso Underground

George Trevis is an English bloke living in Oslo Norway that I contacted about this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday. I have a lifelong passion for photography and his image really grabbed my attention. Bike in photo: […]


Wallpaper Wednesday – NoDak

Our long-time amigo Jason Durick sent in a painted sky portrait of his fatty from NoDak. Jason shared, “Here’s a shot of my Borealis taken today at Wildwood Park which is located near Columbus, ND.” […]


Wallpaper Wednesday – Full Suspension Fat

Justin Pare is back with his second Wallpaper Wednesday feature from the Kingdom Trails in Vermont. The shot features JP’s Foes Racing Mutz full-suspension fat bike with a Wren Inverted suspension fork. It looks like […]

B-Fat (27.5 Fat)

Wallpaper Wednesday – Switchback

Today’s subject for Wallpaper Wednesday is from, well…me. The picture was taken maybe halfway up and down Switchback at Levis. That sweet sliver of watermelon sugar is a Rocky Mountain Blizzard C50 rocking a Wren […]


Foto Gordo – Kansas Backroads

Foto Gordo posts from Kansas two weeks in a row? What’s the world coming too? Do you smell some sort of fat bike conspiracy? And what about that seat? Is that secret alien technology? Today’s […]


Wallpaper Wednesday – Coffee Powered!

This week’s Wallpaper Wednesday feature is from Gary Mikulski, aka – Coffee Powered Cyclist! This is a shot from a trip to Maine. Here’s the story behind the photograph in his own words, n’stuff… Maine […]


Wallpaper Wednesday – Lake Superior

Here’s a flashback to what I was riding a decade ago. Here’s my Surly Moonlander all loaded for a three-day bikepacking trip in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. You can see more from that trip […]


Wallpaper Wednesday – Summittoppler

Jeff Price aka Summittoppler shares his bike life with us in videos and poignant reviews from his home in Wales and I think they’re some of the best stories on On Jeff’s last trip […]


Wallpaper Wednesday – Down by the River

Josh Busch sent in this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday. Josh shot some photos of his Battkeship Grey Surly at the Minnesota State Recreation area near Jordan, Minnesota just last week! Way to answer the call, Josh! […]