Wallpaper Wednesday – The Dude

This week’s Wallpaper Wednesday comes to us from The Dude, His Dudeness, or, uh, Duder, or maybe El Duderino, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing. This is what he shared about his WW submission – “Tumalo Creek Trail.  Taken 4/12/23.  Bend (Oregon) has had an abundant year of snowfall in the hills. Yet not much shoveling in town! (I give it) Five/Five Gnomes. That’s my sweet 2016 RM Suzi Q w/ studded cake eaters. She rides like a dream”.

Feel free to download this image and use it as your own wallpaper. Just click on the image to open the full-sized version which you can right-click to save.

Have you got your own Wallpaper Worthy Photo?

We love to feature your fat-bike photos from around the world!

If you’ve got a fat-bike-related image that you feel is “Wallpaper Worthy”, slap it in an email with what, where, and why info, and photographer’s credit to and you, may see your creative work here! Please include a high-resolution image to preserve image quality!

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