2023 Kona Unit Field Test

You wanna talk about a bike with a long, singlespeed mountain bike history? We give you the 2023 Kona Unit. Back in the nineteen 90s, singlespeeds exploded onto the mountain bike scene, and the Kona […]


#ridepdw May Giveaway

For the next two weeks, we’re helping the cool cats from Portland Design Works give away a prize package that includes a set of Mud Shovels (any in-stock variety), a Fatty Object CO2 inflator, 2 […]


Kona Unit Singlespeed 29(+)

In an effort to keep things weird and one’derful, we tracked down the deets on the latest release of the Kona Unit from Kona! I’m a huge sucker for metal singlespeed mountain bikes and the […]

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Singlespeed USA 2022

One of the reoccurring waves of enthusiasm for two-wheeled fun that I’ve enjoyed over the years has been driven by singlespeed bicycles. It probably was heavily influenced by growing up near Chicago and the Schwinn […]


Klunkedelic – REEB Hooptie Review

The incredible…shreddable REEB Hooptie. Back in mid-June Tim from Reeb borrowed us his own personal Hooptie to ride. I penned a ‘First Look’ piece about Tim’s Hooptie that closed with… So any of you REEB […]


Boone Technologies Cogs and Cranks

I had the opportunity to chat with Bruce Boone the founder of Boone Technologies recently and we talked about his bike bling that I’d been drooling over in my Instagram feed. If you’re an old […]


Singlespeed and Free Wheel – 2

Minimize the Maintenance There are many reasons you might want to buy or build a single speed. They’re cooler, they’re more fun, there is less to break, And in Chapter 2 of Singlespeed and Free […]

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Klunkedelic – REEB Hooptie (in da hizzie)

I’ve been lusting after REEB’s Hooptie since it premiered a couple of years back. The Hooptie is a blend of a mid/long-travel hardtail along with a classic Klunker. After the editorial board gave the green […]