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Singlespeed and Free Wheel – 2

Minimize the Maintenance There are many reasons you might want to buy or build a single speed. They’re cooler, they’re more fun, there is less to break, And in Chapter 2 of Singlespeed and Free Wheel, I talk about – it’s cheaper. Enter my early 2000s Gary Fisher Wingra. This bike is the skinniest tire […]

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Single(speed) and Free(wheel)

What can I say that hasn’t already been said?Singlespeeders get off moreLess Gears, More BeersI’m too dumb to shift Pick one and be done – gear that is. As far as I know, my first bike was a single speed and maybe yours was too. The concept is the same, why pay extra for something […]

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Rack Stash by 1UpUSA

The 1UpUSA Rack systems are are some of the best options for getting your bike to where you want to ride it, but what do you do with your rack when you’re not bringing your bike?  Do you set it on the floor?  Do you clear out shelf space?  Do you just lean it up […]

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Surly Terminal Bar – By Spinner

Let’s be honest here, Surly is trying a few new things that you might not have expected.  Sure, they’re usually one of the first to get weird when compared to other companies in the bike industry when they introduced fat bikes, fatter bikes, 29+ bikes and fat cargo bikes but it appears they’re willing to […]

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Henty Enduro 2.0 Backpack

    Who’s Henty?  That was my first question too.  Founded in Tasmania, Australia, (yeah, that’s a real place) Henty started out making suit and garment bags for business clothes.  They’ve been adding different versions of these bags and have a line of bags and packs specifically designed for active commuting. The Enduro was launched […]

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Thule Classic Hitch Rack Review

  Who likes putting a bike on the roof of their car?  Not this guy.  I usually just chuck my old Surly in the back of my pick’em up truck and haul ass to the liquor store on the way to the trail head.  If you haven’t noticed, Surly has started making their newer bikes […]

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Burley Flat Bed – by Spinner Ryerson

Ed – Here’s a trailer that will work with your fat-bike! In addition to that, we’re testing the new Fat Kit and Ski Kit that Burley offers for this trailer. For now we have the trailer in it’s stock configuration, which is a pretty good place to start a series of reviews that will take […]

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Iceratops – Full Review

The opinions and views described below are strictly those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of What is this the ICT Ops?  With so many fat bike models in the Surly line up, what can this bike possibly offer that isn’t already accounted for with an existing model? […]

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Product Preview – SURLY – Ice Cream Truck Ops

We’re going on a bender with Surly’s Ice Cream Truck Ops, or Iceratops for short. What I’ve always liked about a Surly is that they are simple, solid and reasonably priced. As many of you are aware, they’re now unbelievably priced at a discounted MSRP of only 12 hundred bones. One might argue that Surly isn’t […]

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30 Days with a CHUMBA Ursa

  By : Spinner Ryerson Chumba USA Ursa Backcountry –  The Frame.  I like the simple unobtrusive paint job and simple, solid logo.  There are a few neat little details that are built into the frame but overall it looks just like it is, a solid built frame without a bunch of wild graphics or some […]

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Bun ‘n’ Lou Twice (Product Review)

Two of our Bike Black Ribbon Staff Writers take a crack at reviewing the tire that made the fat-bike industry bend over and spread their rear triangles….Surly’s Bud & Lou! Spinner’s Review When it comes to bikes and pieces and parts and whats good and what sucks and what weighs how much and whatever else […]

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The Fat and The Curious

We’ve all met them. We’ve all answered their questions. The big eyed gawkers that stare at you as you ride by on your fat bike. “WOW, LOOK AT THOSE TIRES!” “Where did you get that?” “Is it hard to pedal?” And inevitably, “How much did it cost?” After I answer that question, there’s usually only […]

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NEW! – Fat Mongoose – Spy Shot

One can run across all sorts of small woodland creatures while out roaming the forests in the winter time. Squirrels, rabbits, an occasional gnome, but this past weekend was the first time I’ve seen a Mongoose in the single track. It was fat too, and obviously had little interest in hibernation. Mongoose, maker of “The Beast” […]

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Bonus Video – Krampus Chase

Here’s a Kickstart to your Krampus Fantasies, or Krampasies if you will.  I hate when people do that.  Sorry.  Actually, I’m not really Sorry, I’m feeling more Surly…. Rumor has it that Krampus frames are now legal immigrants and will be showing up at your local shop to do work in the next few days or weeks, […]

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Survival of the Fattest – Chequamegon 100   This sounded like a bad idea. Believe it or not, earlier this Spring I was sitting around behind a bike shop drinking beer and talking about bikes.  The conversation started getting into Single Speeds vs. Gears, Steel vs. Carbon Frames, and Fat Bikes vs. skinny 29’ers.  What best, what’s OK, what sucks, etc. […]

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How to trap a Fat Bike

Have you ever wanted to trap your fat bike and can’t figure out how to make it fit?  I have.  And I got sick of being forced to ride my skinny bike because of this problem.  Luckily I’m redneck enough to figure out how to Appalachian Engineer something that exists into something I want.  And […]

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2012 Pugsley World Championships

2012 Pugsley World Championships February 25, 2012 The Ax is Back Registration will be Day of the race at Cooper’s Pub in Decorah, IA 1101 Highway 9 W Decorah, IA 52101-2409 8:00 to 10:00 Registration Race starts at 10:30 There is no Pre-Registration, however please select the Attending option in the Facebook event The course […]

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NYD Ride – Decorah, IA

The Decorah NYD ride is a 13 miles gravel route to the Blue Collar Friendly Randy’s Bluffton Store. Temps in the 20 Degree range.  55 to 60 MPH head wind on the way out. 25 to 30 riders. 3 Moonlanders. 2 Pugsleys. ? Barley pops and a jug of Home-made Apple Pie Moonshine. This was […]

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The Empire Strikes Back

Gnome Fest was a great time once again this year. There are many great times planned and some that just seem to happen. I’ve been known for a great many things, and some…. kind of questionable things, but it seems one of my super powers is breaking things. I broke my very first serious mountain […]

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