VP Components – 100mm Square Taper Bottom Bracket

New Product – VP Components  – 100mm Square Taper Bottom Bracket


Earl from Revolution Cycles in Madison is running a PHAT square taper bottom bracket on his Pugsley and he didn’t spend a ton of cash to get it done. (Up until now, only Phil Wood made a 100mm Square Taper Bottom Bracket for about $175)


Why square taper? Why not? Here’s one of many potential scenarios. As fat bikes become more and more popular, there will be plenty of new and shiny bikes coming out each season. Your buddy might have one, and then two, and then three, and then it’s time to start thinning out the stable. Rather than sell the complete bike, people swap their existing gear over to the newbie, and sell the frame. Joe Schmo is hanging out at the bar, in a sleeveless t-shirt drinking a Stroh’s, listening to his buddy bragging about his new Carbon Borealis and he mentions that he needs to start making space in the garage rafters. Joe does a hair whip to straighten out his mullet and says, “Hey – I could build up Eugene’s cool old Pugsley with some kick ass old school parts off of my vintage 1993 black and lime green Trek 850! It’s just been hanging in my garage with a taco-ed rim and a burnt tire since I let Puck borrow it back in 2001 at the Wisconsin State Fair. Wait, those cranks are square taper. Bummer Dude….”

VP BB on park scale

Now…..with the introduction of the new VP Components 100mm square taper bottom bracket,  that dream can become a reality. Of course, the story above, is only one of many possible scenarios. I just prefer the ones with a mullet and sleeveless t-shirt. Now before all of the gram counters start to get a headache, we’ll say that this is not a light weight solution. This is an economic, parts bin solution. The weight of the total unit is 338 grams.

Here’s the kicker – Retail for this unit is in the neighborhood of $20.00. Joe Schmo is good to go.

To get your hands on one of these bad boys, just slide on down to your local bike shop and have them order one.

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  1. Heya,

    I’ve been trying for days to find a source for this bottom bracket and I’m coming up empty handed. None of my LBS’s have a clue about the VP-BC63 and are giving me a “If it’s not in the catalog I can’t order it” attitude. Do you have a retail source for the VP-BC63 that I could contact to place an order with that can actually get their hands on it?


    • Did you ever find a source for the VP-BC63?

      I have an application for it but cannot find where to buy. VP Components won’t respond & local bike shops wont ship!

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