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Fat (video) Tuesday – How to drop your tire sponsor

The trend of bicycle tire manufacturers choosing to stamp their tires with enormous logos has reached pretty ridiculous (Hi-Viz Yellow) levels. But fear not fellow unsponsored riders…we’re here to show you how to cover up sidewall hot stamps permanently. When it comes to this particular category of dirty tricks, we generally turn to Bike Black Ribbon […]

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Fat-BoB Trailer v2.0 (aka Crisco Bob)

Back in March I shared my exploits in getting a Bob Trailer to work with a Fat-Bike. That article mainly focused on how to modify the yoke of the trailer to work with Robert Axle Project extended (Bob compatible) rear thru axles. You can read about that here – After we posted the article, one […]

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Fat-Tire Huaraches (Sandals)

Here’s a step by step plan on how to turn your worn out fat-bike tires into sweet huaraches, sent to us by Tom Miller, from St. Maries, ID!   Fat-Tire Huaraches By – Tom Miller I manage a tiny bike shop inside an Ace Hardware Store in St. Maries in Northern Idaho. I’ve been an avid fat bike […]

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Achieving Fat-bike Versatility

Please welcome one of our newest Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilots, Ken Blakey-Shell. Ken will be testing gear and sharing his adventures and racing from the fat-bike paradise of Northern Michigan and beyond! Written and photographed by :  Ken Blakey-Shell Right now in fatty world, options are one of the biggest “issues” a fat biker […]

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How to $ubtract 3 Pounds from a Fat-Bike

Our man, Sven has already touched on this subject in his excellent fat-bike 101 series. In his episode about weight $having, Sven mentions both tires and wheels as targets to put your fat-bike on a diet. We’ve combined those two elements together on an extra small 9:Zero:7 that belongs to Bethany Raven. Bethany’s Dom’L’Orange fatty […]

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Is The Walmart Fatbike Really That Bad?

Editor’s Note: After seeing the truly insane hubbub the Walmart fatbike (henceforth referred to as the WalGoose) generated on MTBR, Test Pilot Cale had to have one. So an order was placed and $215 later a green Walgoose was on it’s way to his doorstep. What follows are some initial impressions and a Challenge. I got my Walgoose on Friday in […]

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Bonus Video! Fat-Ghetto Tubeless from Down Under

We’ve been searching for the paramount, “how to’ video for going tubeless on a fatty, and our South Pacific Bureau Chief (Wayne Chapman) sent me this ‘how to’ instructional video, put together by two of his mates that race the Simpson Desert Bike Challenge. Alan Keenleside and Murray Rook have produced the best, fat-bike tubeless instructional video that we’ve seen. It […]

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How to trap a Fat Bike

Have you ever wanted to trap your fat bike and can’t figure out how to make it fit?  I have.  And I got sick of being forced to ride my skinny bike because of this problem.  Luckily I’m redneck enough to figure out how to Appalachian Engineer something that exists into something I want.  And […]

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HOW TO ~ Unstick a Stuck Seatpost

We ride Fatbikes in all sorts of nasty conditions. You might be up to the toptube in swamp water or maybe riding across salty, sandy beaches or even just salt covered slushy roads and bike-paths. Whatever it is our Fatbikes take a lot of abuse and even though you might take care to wash your […]

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