Klunkedelic – REEB-a-palooza

With things getting back to normal(ish) as far as getting together with friends to ride, I hatched a plan to get together with our resident singlespeed expert, Spinner Ryerson and REEB super-fan JP Syverud so they could ride the Hopptie that we have on loan from Tim at REEB. These cats are both seasoned product testers and long-time Bike Black Ribbon Society members in good standing, etc.

The plan was to do a flat pedal bike swap at Camrock, which lies between Madison and the Rock River Delta (home to the Fat-Bike.com Treehouse). We met in downtown Cambridge and (lowe and behold) they showed up with not one…but two more REEBs! I figured that JP would bring his Ti B’Donkadonk but I had guessed that Spinner would show up with a Surly. Apparently, he bought JP’s REEB Squeeb and…wait for it…It has gears. Spinner was telling us how much he liked the way the Squeeb handled the Marquette Michigan rocky trails up in da UP.

We didn’t waste any time riding the familiar, we all grabbed something unfamiliar and after a little fiddling with seat post adjustments, we hit the trail. We all got to ride each of the three REEBs. Spinner rode in Flip Flops. I rode Area 51 for the second time ever. I forgot to start my Wahoo, so I just took a wild ass scientific guess that we covered approximately 6.66 miles and smiled six thousand smiles. Everybody in Wisconsin knows that the best mosquito repellent is Fireball. The mosquitos were biting and I’m not sure, but I think JP might have puked a little. We closed the evening with a nightcap at the Keystone Grille.

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