2022 Kona Unit Exposed

Most people think of me as the fat-bike guy. When I run into people out in public and I’m not riding a fat bike, the really ‘clever’ ones usually poke me with something like “where’s your fat bike Mr. Fat Bike dot Com?”. My answer is, and always will be, I ride whatever bike that I want.

It goes without saying that I love fat-bikes! However, I also have a passion for mountain bikes, adventure bikes, klunkers, and yes…singlespeed mountain bikes! With all of that being said, I think that I would really like to ride a new Kona Unit. I recently gave my steel 29r SS to a friend and the intramural singlespeed championships are going to be held in Iowa next summer so I probably should get something new to ride.

Most of my bikes aren’t very practical. So there’s something very appealing to an ‘off the shelf’ steel bike that I wouldn’t give a second thought to ghost riding down a ravine. This would be a bike that would just get ridden for fun and require very little in the way of wrenching or washing. #fuckitupandletitgo

At first glance, you might think that there’s nothing special about this Unit. I bet most people won’t look past the $1,399 MSRP and will just move along to the next shining example of what the bike industry wants you to want. One of the things that’s special about this bike is that it’s proletariat and pink.

The Unit comes with tubeless-ready rims. It rocks a 44mm headtube that allows you to run straight or tapered forks. It also features thru-axles front and rear, to hold everything together. The unit was designed with more progressive geometry that translates into happy fun good times when things get rolling. Check out all of the spec’s below.

For some strange reason, the Unit comes with every cargo zit ever invented. Let’s just blame bicycle pubes for it and move on. When you look at complete builds, in this price range, there are always parts that could be upgraded. Tektro disc brakes generally kinda suck, but the rest of the bits are reasonably serviceable and should last. The 2.6″ WTB Rangers are solid and should provide a season of fun. I really plan to steer away from putting anything that could be considered precious on this humbucker. The only thing that I’d do with a new Unit would be to convert to tubeless and then ride the hell out of it!

You can find out more about the new Kona Unit by visiting

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  1. Erv Spanks December 27, 2021 at 10:09 am #

    Looks like a surefire good time right there!