2022 Sea Otter Classic Bike Expo (Part 3)

We’re back with Part 3 of our coverage of the 2022 Life Time Sea Otter Classic presented by Continental. The bike industry came out of hiding and brought out all of the new toys for all of the girls and boys! #alicecooper

Surly Bicycles wove themselves into a new taller tent during the pandemic. They forgot to bring the new Ice Cream Truck or Wednesday fat bikes, but they had all of their other wares on display. I have fond memories of sitting around the Surly booth at Interbike. That old black tent was an oasis for a long list of thirsty bike pirates, back in the old days.

Karate Monkey and a nun called Chuck. Check out the new Ice Cream Truck color at SURLY BIKES

Our amigos from 1UpUSA came to Sea Otter with their ‘Best in Class’ hitch racks and the new Recon Rack. The Recon can haul up to 6 bikes and like 1Up’s other racks only contacts your bike on the tires, The Recon can also handle fat bike wheels!

Check out the new Recon and 1Up’s often imitated, but never duplicated, hitch racks at

Ride5Dev is a new US component company out of San Diego California. Their cranks were the first thing that grabbed my attention, but the pedals and whispy machined stems made me take further notice. Anyone that’s ever tried to color match their ODI Lock-On grips are (like me) drooling over that case of anodized bike jewelry (below right)

The Scott Spark RC SL EVO AXS – (you may want to sit down for this) – The $14,000 mountain bike

Canyon Bicycles has more gravel bike models than any other brand out there (that I’ve seen). The Grizl CF SL 8 falls into their ‘Rough Gravel’ category and will retail for $3,300 usd.

It’s really nice to see the return of the hartail at SOC. There were also plenty of full-suspension bikes on display for those that like that sort of thing. Check out all of the Canyon bikes at the GRAND CANYON

Part 3’s Sea Otter celebrity sightings…Kid Riemer from Salsa Cycles

….and of course, Sea Otter’s Plushy Mascot

Paul Components partnered with Oddity Cycles and Sierra Nevada to create this bit of klunkedelic singlespeed bicicleta. For the full rundown on the Sierra Oddity visit the Radavist

Next time that you replace your cable and housing for your fat bike consider a fully shielded set from Jagwire. Fat bikes get into the harshest slop and slime. Splurge for the good stuff (2 layers of protection) to keep your sled’s shifting running smooth. All of the colors at JAGWIRE

Lezyne (rhymes with design) is another booth with so many products to look at but I chose to show the pumps that keep my fat bikes filled with gas out on the trail.

We’ll be conducting our compulsory semper casual field type test of the Lezyne Bar End Dual Insert Kit over the next few months. Which one of our product testers should we send this little gem? Check out the new light systems and all of the cool stuff from Lezyne at –

It was 93F the first day at Sea Otter #skinnyyeti #squatchyaf

You’re looking at my next bottom bracket. Enduro Bearings is committed to larger balls rolling in deeper grooves to meet the demands of winter cycling. They offer XD 15 Ceramic-Hybrid corrosion-proof, nitrogen steel races paired with Silicon Nitride grade 5 ceramic balls that create the ultimate smoothness that actually gets faster with use. Check out more bearing science at ENDURO BEARING.

That’s a wrap for our report from the 2022 Life Time Sea Otter Classic presented by Continental. Now it’s time to forget about all of this and “ride the bike you’ve got” #lovetheoneyourewith

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One Response to 2022 Sea Otter Classic Bike Expo (Part 3)

  1. Mark Peterson April 14, 2022 at 1:35 pm #

    You know me and my obsession with rad anodized parts so I was also drooling over all the colorful bicycle candy! The 5DEV Trail/Enduro Cranks straight up gave me a bicycle Boner. Those cranks are the single coolest product at the whole Sea Otter Classic. I totally Love this years Paul Components partnered with Oddity Cycles and Sierra Nevada build. How Cool would it be to have that one of a kind gem to rip on (rhetorical)? It was also cool to see Mike Riemer in the mix. He is looking younger than ever.

    Great job writing up wonderful articles Gomez. Thank you again Sir.