Wolf Tooth Singletrack v2 Pogies

There’s a new pair of pogies in the test lab. The Wolf Tooth Singletrack v2 Pogies. I’ve had a chance to field test them in temps as low as the single digits. I’m a proponent of pogies for winter cycling. We’ve published several reviews of different brands of pogies over the years including the OG version of the Wolf Tooth Singletrack Pogie. Let’s take a look at the new and improved Singletrack v2.

Wolf Tooth Components shared a set of their updated Singletrack v2 pogies. I’ve regularly deployed a pair of the OG Singletrack pogies for the past several winters. This new setup has some well-thought-out improvements.

One thing that stayed the same is the way that they attach to the end of the handlebar. Wolf Tooth has the best pogie bar end retention system I’ve ever encountered. They employ a two-part clip that rotates and locks into place. Once installed, It doesn’t require any tools to remove the pogies from the bike. It’s such a good system, that I use the Wolf Tooth clips to attach a pair of Revelate Designs pogies. The new v2 has a two-way zippered vent that allows them to fit over the brake/shifter/cables for easy installation. The center opening is secured with velcro and a snap closure that locks in the handlebar. I really like the snap-around-the-bar feature. So the Wolf tooth pogies really nail the mount and dismount on my scorecard. #fiveoutoffive

Features of the Wolf Tooth Singletrack v2 Pogies – $120

  • Foldable cuff for three distinct warmth settings and easy hand access:
    • Warmest: Cuff up, zipper closed
    • Warmer: Cuff up, zipper open
    • Warm (we call this singletrack mode): Cuff folded down
      • Ideal for singletrack and groomed trail riding because you can get your hands in and out quickly
      • Pogies come up to your wrist in this setting with a wide opening
  • 420-denier diamond ripstop nylon offers superior strength while still being very lightweight 
  • Soft brushed fleece lining
  • Reflective piping and graphics for visibility while night riding
  • Quarter-turn bar plug attachment for a quick install and removal, now with a daisy chain that provides three different attachment points in the pogie
  • Two-way zipper vent opening

An easy (tool-free) mount makes installing and removing the Singletracks more convenient. With the venting on these pogies, I don’t see the need to take them off of the bike in the middle of a ride, (but it’s not spring yet). I try to remove pogies from the bike before I put it on the rack and hit the highway so I like this sort of mounting system compared to others that utilize an expanding plug which requires a tool to remove. For people that transport their bikes inside the vehicle, it’s less important.

Wolf Tooth added a list of improvements on the v2. The two-way zippered vent means that you have dialable temperature regulation. The v2’s also features a light fleece lining in the main compartment, reflective piping, and graphics. The v2’s hold their shape helped by a stiff panel, yet they can be folded up small enough to easily fit in a frame pack. The foldable cuff coupled with the venting makes these pogies appropriate for temps as warm as 38 F and when zipped all the way up with rag wool gloves, I’d run these down to the teens (with a pair of wool mittens in the frame pack for backup) These aren’t the pogies that I’d take on an arctic expedition, but they are the pogies that are the most practical for the winters of the third coast and they are a little warmer than the OG version.

The interior space is just large enough for my gloved hands and maybe an Rx Bar. The foldable cuff and the shape retention of the v2’s allow for easier access while riding trails (like when you need to brake). If you’re not used to riding with pogies, the folded cuff makes getting accustomed to them much easier.

Nothing keeps my hands as warm and yet allows me to wear thinner gloves than pogies. The advantage of wearing thinner gloves is improved shifting/braking/dropping dexterity. So, in conclusion, I like these things. The Wolf Tooth Comp[onents Singletrack v2 pogies have become part of my regular winter kit. #gnomeproofsealofapproval

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  1. Excellent review! Have used version 1 for several years and loved em on my Norco Sasquatch. With a very light glove they seem good to about -20c for me.
    I installed the new V2 version on my Norco Bigfoot VLT. With the bike’s electric assistance my average speed is up a bit, so wind chill becomes a factor, though I am still a slow, old man:) New version went on quick and easier. And the fleece lining is just enough for most Ontario Canada temps.
    I tend to think these are THE best accessory on my fat bikes.

  2. Pogies are great for keeping the winter salt and grime out of brake leavers and shifters as well. In Ontario this winter they have mostly been used to keep the rain off my hands.

  3. Have loved mine all winter. Love the ability to attach and remove them quickly. In super cold temps there is enough room to drop chemical hand warmers in them, and I have bigger hands along with bulky hydraulic breaks.

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