Gnomeproof Gadgets – Noxgear 39g Wearable Bluetooth Speaker

Three generations of Bluetooth Speakers – L-R Boombotix OG, Noxgear 39g & Boombotix Mini

Hi, my nombre esta es Gomez and I’m a gadgetaholic. I’m especially addicted to gadgets that play music. I remember all the way back to the 1960’s, when I was just a kid, we would listen to WLS (a Chicago top rock radio station) on ‘transistor radios’ that were small and portable. I had a solar powered AM/FM radio back in the 70’s that kept me rock’n. Then in the eighties it was a Sony Walkman with cassette tapes. Fast forward to the current century and we stream music from our phones. I’ve owned a series of Bluetooth speakers and today I’m going to share the latest Bluetooth speaker that I’ve been listening to…The 39g from Noxgear.

Noxgear named their tiny wearable speaker the 39g, because it weighs a mere 39 grams. It’s so small and lightweight that it becomes wearable on just about any jersey, jacket, or vest. The speaker comes with the usual clip to hold it in place, but I’ve been using the magnetic clip to hold the 39 g just a few inches from my ear.

The 39g pairs with my smartphone faster and easier than any other of the various Bluetooth devices that I use. The controls are easy to use and because I mount the speaker so close to my ear, the volume doesn’t have to be set very high.

Originally, I wasn’t too impressed by the sound quality of the tiny speaker when I played it for the first time, fresh off of the first charge. Then I mounted the speaker to my jersey and went for a ride. They must have engineered the 39g to work within that windy, bumpy, naturally active environment, because I have zero complaints about the fidelity of the playback while I’m riding. People with better hearing or younger, less damaged ears might disagree – aka – YMMV.

The magnetic clip nests inside the sport clip on the back of the 39g

The 39g is rechargeable and comes with a USB charger. The battery life is pretty dang good (so far). At startup, the speaker tells you the battery life and lets you know that it’s connected, when it pairs with your smartphone.

I originally saw the 39g listed at $100. I purchased the 39g on sale for $70 and I see that they have them on sale at their website now for $80. If you like to ride with music (where safe and appropriate) this speaker is the bomb!

The 39g earns 5 out of 5 Danger Gnomes

For more information about Noxgear visit –

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