Rider Profile – Damian Drobyk

Damian Drobyk is a paramedic from Poland. He’s ridden his bike and traveled across six continents (66 countries). His expeditions have covered 100,000 kilometers and he’s climbed over 1,000,000 meters. The highest elevation that he’s reached was when he rode over the 5805m Uturuncu volcano in Bolivia during a six-month trip through South America.

Damian wants to bag the highest roads and passes on every continent on earth. He’s currently preparing for a Bicycle Expedition through the Antarctic to the South Pole that’s slated for January 2022. He plans to warm up for the Antarctica trip with trips to Lake Baikal and the Dalton Highway in Alaska.

As you can see in the photos Damian uses the Extrawheel Trailer and bikepacking bags that I’ve been testing.

Extrawheel makes some of the nicest bikepacking panniers that I’ve used in forty years of bike touring.

The only thing missing from this picture is a mint on his pillow!

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