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Event Promotors, below you will find a form that allows REGISTERED users to add events to our Event Calendar queue for consideration and approval. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR EVENT WILL NOT BE VISIBLE ON THE CALENDAR UNTIL IT HAS BEEN REVIEWED AND APPROVED BY ONE OF OUR EDITORS.

  1. Register yourself here if you are not already a member of the site or login if you are a member.
  2. Come back here and fill in the form below. Please note there are required entries but the more completely you fill out the form the better for your event.
  3. Send us a DONATION, THERE IS A BUTTON RIGHT OVER THERE >>>, to help us keep this site going. This is voluntary and you can send whatever amount you think is appropriate. We are starting with the self-pay method rather that charging for every event listing at this point but that could change. Your generosity will be appreciated!

If you simply can’t figure out this very simple form, we will still do this the old fashioned way, through email, but we will have to charge a minimum of $50 to make it happen! Your choice! Send it to me at and I’ll help you out.